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Nominate Houston’s Next Top Pothole!

Who Says Drainage Can’t Be Fun?

Proposition 1 is the responsible solution to fixing Houston’s very serious street and drainage problems. It is a pay-as-you-go plan that helps prevent flooding, rebuilds our aging, crumbling streets and creates thousands of local jobs.
That’s serious stuff – but you can help improve our city and have fun at the same time:

Nominate Houston’s Next Top Pothole!
You can nominate Houston’s next top pothole in 4 easy steps:

1. Email us at: with the size and location of the pothole you think most needs fixing.

2. Include a photo or link to a YouTube video of your pothole.

3. Vote for the winner! We’ll post the nominations online on October 28 and put them up for a vote.

4. Bask in the limelight! We’ll hold a press conference to publicize the winner on Election Day. Who says drainage can’t be fun?

Vote early FOR Prop 1 or vote on Election Day – but please remember to go all the way down your very long ballot to vote FOR Prop 1.

Early Voting is happening right now. Election Day is November 2!
Click here for a list of Early Voting locations and hours.

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