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Watch the gubenatorial debate at UT Austin tonight!

TURF to attend gubernatorial debate at UT Austin
Voter Guide on where candidates stand launched

(Austin, TX, October 19, 2010) TURF’s Founder and Director, Terri Hall will be in attendance at tonight’s gubernatorial debate at the KLRU studio at UT Austin. Kathie Glass is the only candidate for Governor who put her positions on tolling in writing in TURF’s General Election Voter Guide. TURF hopes to press Bill White on his position on tolls and transportation financing.

Watch the debate tonight at 7pm HERE

“Tonight’s debate will help us learn more about Bill White’s positions on tolling and transportation financing. Though he’s run ads against Rick Perry’s Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), there’s still a whole lot more in this pandora’s box than just the TTC. Is White okay with selling our Texas roads to private, foreign entities in these sweetheart contracts known as CDAs or will he ensure Texans maintain control of their public roads? In essence, are White’s views like ‘Rick Perry light’ or a total U-turn from Perry’s destructive policies?” asks Hall.

WHAT: Gubernatorial debate
WHEN: Tuesday, October 19 @ 7:00 PM
WHERE: KLRU studio, on the campus of UT Austin

“We all know where Rick Perry stands. His highway department is contemplating more than 500 toll projects across Texas. He wants to sell Texas roads to his cronies and sink our state deeper into debt. On his watch, the State of Texas went from ZERO debt for roads to now owing $31 BILLION for roads. That’s more than the entire state’s budget deficit and bigger than California’s deficit (since he’s so fond of comparisons to California). No wonder Perry is a no show to this debate. He can run, but he can’t hide from his fiscally reckless toll agenda,” notes Hall.

TURF is also closely following an important deadline on a key Trans Texas Corridor contract for TTC-69/I-69. A Comprehensive Development Agreement was awarded to a Spanish company, ACS, in June of 2008. Its proposal sits on Attorney General Greg Abbott’s desk awaiting his approval. The proposal expires October 31…BEFORE the election.

“We’ll see if Perry’s TTC is truly dead in just 12 days,” concludes Hall.

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