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Health Fair for the Homeless

Mission statement: We will provide a one day health fair to enable the poorest people in Houston obtain basic health screening and referrals for health care.

The idea of a health fair was born out of the collaboration Richard Jackson,MD and myself. After years of volunteer work at local clinics and abroad in Lima, Peru, we realized that there was a tremendous need amongst the homeless and medically underserved in Houston. Many people have high risk disease and must wait in long lines and in emergency rooms to obtain simple screening that would be better done in a more relaxed and organized environment.

The idea of a screening and referral clinic came into being for that reason. Simple tests for vision, blood pressure, blood sugar, HIV, skin and foot care, and cholesterol screening could be done in a short time.With the collaboration of other city services(Change Happens, Search, Emergency Aid Coalition, Harris County Health Department and others) at the health fair, a referral to the appropriate agency can also be implemented.

The Community Health for the Homeless is a 501(c) (3)has become a supporting partner of the Emergency Aid Coalition – a faith based organization of 15 congregations whose aim is to feed and clothe the underserved and homeless and also provide books and backpacks for hundreds of school aged children.

Many organizations have come together donating their time and expertice to help make this important event possible in order to bring these health services to the underserved. They include nursing schools, high schools, hospitals and physicians- internists, family practice, optometry,podiatry, dentistry,nutrition and dermatology.

The event is scheduled to take place:

Location: Third Ward Multi Service Center
Date: Saturday , October 20th ,Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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