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“Black Community Living In La La Land as it Relates to Mental Illness and Domestic Violence”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but Black Folks need to focus on the real issues which are impacting our community, “Domestic Violence and Mental Illness”. Often overlooked in the ‘Pink’ flow of information , education, promotions and parades….October is also the month where attention needs to focus on the violence, assaults, mental disturbances, drug and alcohol abuses which are running wild in the African-American community. The (9/25/10) Houston Chronicle article written by Cindy Horswell, gives some insight into the magnitude of our denial as a Black Community.

The murder of Gloria Ryan, by a hired killer (Jason Rizzi), sent by the son (Corderral Smith) is too much to hide from the ignorance, denial and tragedy of which is wild in the Black community as it relates to mental illness and domestic violence.. A mother killed, because of the lack of understanding by many in the Black community that heard the repeated madness that came from her son, who had folks thinking he was a ‘secret agent’. Come on, everybody that knew him, understood that this man was ‘crazy’ and didn’t do anything, everyone is guilty and shares the murder and blood on your hands.

The Defense Attorney for Rizzi, stated this was one of the most unusual and bizarre cases that they had represented, posing on My Space, acting and fooling folks into believing he was a ‘secret agent’, telling community/friends of the plot, the story goes on. The tragedy is that the Black Mother is dead and all of the people that knew of his mental illness could have had a chance to stop this domestic violence tragedy.

What will it take for the Black Community to wake up from “La La Land”, realize that we are being killed from within and need to re-organize, re-prioritize, re-think how we are going to re-educate our community. How many more Black children need to die, let’s just say about 6,000 within the next year or so. How many Black Mothers, Fathers or Grandparents need to be murdered in the next year or so, maybe 3,000? Where is our Black Church Leadership, other than on the front page of the national news with their own issues of mental illness and domestic violence?

Join in the month of October, make it a month for education, information and awareness of dealing with “Domestic Violence and Mental Illness”. For more information contact, Rev. Dr. Robert M. Gilmore, Sr. , 281-546-8168

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