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The Kesha Rogers for Congress campaign announces the Rebuilding America Conference, to be held on October 8-10 at the NASA Hampton Inn, in Seabrook, TX. This conference, through a town hall meeting and two days of workshops, will outline the scientific basis for successfully rebuilding the bankrupt United States of America, in the post-Obama world. The scientific and engineering community is called upon to participate, providing their expertise and leadership, as the sector of society most qualified to oversee the construction
of the most massive physical economic infrastructure projects in human history.

I. NAWAPA (North American Water and Power Alliance), the greatest effort in biospheric engineering in human history, will overturn a century of deliberate underdevelopment of the interior of our continent, and represents the launch pad for space technology, applied to Earth. By bringing an additional 3,600 million acre feet of water per year, into use by the biosphere and human economy, NAWAPA will upgrade deserts into fertile land, creating new local water cycles, moderating weather patterns, and increasing the productivity and quality of life. The scientists of NASA are indispensable to this project, as they represent the capability to approach terraforming the Earth’s biosphere as a whole, as seen from space. NAWAPA will prepare NASA scientists for the inevitable colonization
of Mars, within 2-3 generations.1

II. Understanding the biosphere includes understanding the intimately connected set of relationships among terrestrial and cosmic phenomena, such as gravitation, the geo-magnetic field, solar radiation, as well as cosmic radiation. Many factors which we heretofore had taken for granted on Earth, become existential challenges when orienting towards sustaining life on Mars, not to mention the first step in that process of colonization: that of the industrialization of Earth’s Moon. This must be done for the purpose, of, among other things, utilizing the low gravity environment for building the ships to take us to Mars, as well as for the mining of Helium-3, abundant in the lunar soil, to be used as the fuel for the yet-to-be developed fusion powered rockets, the only fuel capable of achieving one- Earth-gravity equivalent acceleration — an acceleration requirement necessary to deliver humans to Mars in a timely (4-7 days) and safe manner. Consequently, in understanding how we come to gain mastery over the organization of Earth’s biosphere, we gain insight into exactly what parameters and requirements are necessary to create superior life-supporting systems beyond it.

The Kesha Rogers for Congress campaign, in conjunction with the LaRouche PAC, is spearheading the drive to pull together a Brain Trust within the scientific community, to form the basis for launching a real, physical economic recovery. To participate in the conference, visit or contact the office at 713-830-9052.

(1) Watch the LPAC-TV video “A Tour of NAWAPA” here:

(2) Read the LPAC “Basement” report, “NAWAPA from the Standpoint of Biospheric Development” here:

NASA, NAWAPA, and You | 713-830-9052
Paid for by Kesha Rogers for Congress

Contact: Harley Schlanger
Office: 832-643-5165

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