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US ARMY Service Man loses home thanks to Home Owners Association

A US army national guard captain was serving in Iraq last year, doing the dangerous work of escorting convoys and avoiding explosive devices. Deadly dangerous work, the stuff of heroes and – if you’ve seen The Hurt Locker – the stuff of movies.

While away, his wife fell behind on just TWO homeowner’s association (HOA) payments. You know, the payments that go to security patrols, the community pool, etc. Even the $300,000 home was paid off, and nothing was owed to the bank, the HOA foreclosed the home. It was sold at auction for $3,500!

The HOA told the captain, basically, “too bad, so sad.” This military hero lost his home, which was paid off, for TWO missed HOA payments, while he was serving in Iraq.

Does that make you mad? Is it hard for you to imagine how anyone could do this? How could they, after the learned what was going on, allow this to happen? Why wouldn’t they make this right?

They thought nobody would ever know. Wrong. We found out. We have a voice. We don’t like it, one bit. Give them a ring and let them know what you think about this. This could have been your family member who is a veteran.

The phone is 972-755-1063 and the email is Phone calls make the most difference.

Michael Berry |

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