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Bay Ridge Christian College located 40 miles from Houston is a 57-year-old educational institution founded in Union, Mississippi, in 1953 during the Civil Rights Era by Minister Horace Germany. Its goal was to provide educational opportunities for African-Americans in skilled trades, general education, and religious studies. Because of racial violence, the school relocated to Kendleton, Texas and has graduated many students. It boasts of alumni serving in various ministries and professions in America and Africa. Many Bay Ridge graduates have received master’s and doctorate degrees after leaving the college.

Society suffers when our young men are not achieving academically due to problems in their homes, schools, society, or in the choices they’ve made. Black males, in disproportionate numbers, experience joblessness, incarceration, and lack of economic success as a direct result of poor educational achievement. Specifically, the need is to:

    • Provide another post secondary institution that focuses solely on meeting the educational needs of African American males.
    • Take immediate and firm action to educate our young men between the ages of 18 and 21 so they can positively contribute to society.
    • Increase the number of African American males graduating from colleges and universities.

Bay Ridge Christian College is poised to offset the trend in joblessness, low academic achievement and the high incarceration rates by investing in these young men who face so many barriers.

Bay Ridge Christian College provides:
• An excellent environment for our young men to live and learn the academic and social skills needed to earn their associate degree.
• A state-of-the-art facility to prepare them to be successful at four-year colleges and universities, and to excel in the world of work.
• A learner-centered education in a structured, nurturing and Christian atmosphere.
• Progressive programming through a rigorous ability-based curriculum, and address students’ life skills through counseling and spiritual guidance.


    • Make a contribution to Bay Ridge Christian College today.
    • Pledge to support Bay Ridge financially through your continuous monthly giving online $20 to $100.
    • Volunteer at Bay Ridge or in other capacities as needed.
    • Bay Ridge Christian College suggests:

    – Daily prayer for God’s guidance and favor for Bay Ridge, its Board, President Dr. Simmons, the faculty and staff, the building projects and the implementation of Bay Ridge Christian College Five-Year Strategic Plan.

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