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by Dr. Simmons, President- Bayridge Christian College

Daily, headlines across America bemoan the loss of another youth to urban violence. Lives that weren’t valued because those who took them did not value their own. We shake our heads as the death toll rises. Some have even suggested that the only way to curb urban violence is to call for the National Guards. We ask God, “Why?” and pray for a solution.

The solution is here…..The time is now. Bay Ridge, a residential Christian junior college for African American males located in Kendleton, Texas is committed to restoring our young men’s sense of value through education and moral accountability. It is an idea whose time has come! Visit our web site and learn of our plan to save young men and to prepare them to be productive citizens and fathers.

Together, with you, we can make more than a difference; we can make an IMPACT. Though the situation seems hopeless and helpless, we are not. You can help Bay Ridge by doing the Texas Two Step June 25th, 26th and 27th. Put on your favorite Cowboy-Hat then:

• Step One- Friday and Saturday, June 25th and 26th
Go online and DONATE!! Go to and become a part of the nation-wide virtual fundraising drive. $5, $10, $100. No amount is too small!

• Step Two- On Sunday, June 27th
Raise an offering at your church or through your social network, fraternal organization, or other civic groups via email, Facebook, My-Space or Twitter. Ask them to visit our web site to learn of Bay Ridge’s mission to save our youth and then make a donation to Bay Ridge online. They may also send donations directly to Bay Ridge at P.O. Box 726, Kendleton, TX; 77451.

Partner with Bay Ridge for the Texas Two Step to educate minds and save lives.

Dr. Stanford Simmons

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