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War Hero Scott O’Grady Calls On Bill White To Apologize For Supporting Limited Military Voting Rights

“Bill White should be ashamed of his anti-military beliefs”

Captain Scott O’Grady, USAF, today called on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White to apologize for supporting limited voting rights for men and women of the military.

In 1997, “White said military voters are entitled to have a say in the races for federal offices – president, vice president and the Congress – but not in state, county or local elections.” (SOURCE: “Democratic leader supports voting suit,” San Antonio Express-News, March 7, 1997)

“As Memorial Day weekend begins, Bill White should apologize to all veterans and military men and women for supporting limited voting rights for the military,” said O’Grady, who was shot down over Bosnia while helping to enforce a NATO no-fly zone. “As someone who has served overseas, I am personally offended by Bill White’s belief that soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines serving their nation should be denied the right to vote for candidates seeking county, local, and state offices – including the office he is now running for. Bill White should be ashamed of his anti-military beliefs.”

On March 6, 1997, while Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, Bill White held a press conference to announce his support for frivolous lawsuits filed by two Democratic candidates in Val Verde County who claimed that approximately 800 mail-in ballots cast by military members caused them to lose their November 1996 elections. Laughlin Air Force Base is located in Val Verde County.

In June 1997, State District Judge Stephen Ables ruled the ballots were legally cast, upholding the results of the elections.

About Scott O’Grady
You may remember Captain Scott O’Grady, USAF from the June 2, 1995 Mrkonjić Grad incident, in which he ejected over Bosnia when his F-16C was shot down by a Bosnian Serb SA-6 while he was patrolling the no-fly zone. He existed for six days on nothing more than leaves and bugs while evading capture and was rescued on June 8, by U.S. Marines of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit attached to the USS Kearsarge.

The movie Behind Enemy Lines is loosely based on his story.

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