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Vote for Cats. Vote for SNAP. Cost? Nothing!

Hate cats? Love them? Either way, you win when you VOTE for SNAP in the Pepsi Refresh Project! Vote today and every day in the month of May, and you could help us win $50,000 to use to spay and neuter 850 community cats! This will prevent the birth of thousands more, and fewer cats born homeless means that fewer cats die in the shelters.

Community cats (strays, ferals, and others without a definitive home) can be a nuisance. They may use flowerbeds as litterboxes, kill songbirds, and howl in the night. They also do good things though — like controlling the population of mice and rats in your neighborhood. Removing them from the area doesn’t work because more soon move in from surrounding areas. The best way to control the population is to trap them (humanely), sterilize them, and then return them to the place from whence they came. This practice, called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), means they won’t breed additional generations and their territory won’t become available for cats from nearby areas to occupy. Sterilizing community cats also reduces the nuisance behaviors (like fighting and territorial marking) that make them so annoying to some.

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, you can do yourself and them a favor by voting for our entry in the Pepsi Refresh Project. To vote, just click the link above, or enter the website address in your browser’s address field. Remember to do it every day through the end of May. (The Pepsi Refresh Project website even has an app you can install on your Facebook page so you can vote without ever leaving your profile!)

Click Here To Vote!
After you vote, be sure to tell your friends and coworkers to vote too. There is a lot of competition, and we need every vote we can get if we are going to win!

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