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HAHMP 2010 Sylvan Rodriguez Scholarship Gala at the Four Seasons

Honoring KPRC Local 2’s Bill Balleza with the Lifetime Achievement Award and HAHMP (Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals) in attendance are: Art Rascon, Daniella Guzman, Erik Barajas, Sibila Vargas, Dominique Sachse, Vincente Arenas, Andrea Gomez, Kristine Galavan, Daniella Guzman, Pedro Rojas, Patricia Lopez, and Hasti Taghi. Arianna Montelongo, Saniella Guzman, Frank Morales, Frida Villalobos, Marnie Hernandez, Renato Castillo, and Sybil Moncivais.

Scholarship Recipients – Ana Gallegos, Daniela Gomez, Edgar Veliz, Giselle Bueno, Jamie Alvizar, Jennifer Pena, Mari Carmen Marroquin, Mayra Morales, Nataly Torres, and Paul Barron.

Special guests in attendance – Jerome Gray, Ron Trevino, Rocky McCullough. Judge Ed Emmett, Gwen Emmett, Macy’s, Goodson Honda, Silver Eagle Distributors, Simply Perfect, Harold Herrera Polo Make-up, Art & Beauty Hair Salon/Spa and Director Baldemar Rodriguez, Jr. and many more.

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