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An Interview with Strong Machine 2 at Anime Matsuri 2010

NewsWireHouston’s Q&A session with Strong Machine 2

Q: Welcome to Anime Matsuri, are you excited to be here this year? Is there anything you plan to do?

A: We’re having some performances at the convention, and we hope to put on a good performance for the audience.


Q: How did you two first discover this talent for dancing?

A: He really liked to dance, but he really likes the Hiphop style. At first it was difficult, but he found a teacher, and decided to learn.

Q: So, when you guys are studying, do you watch robots and machines and things to see how to move?

A: Yes, we watch old style cartoons and lots of other performers dancing.

Q: How did you first start getting your name out to people, how did people first start finding out about you?

A: We entered into a dance contest, and the directors of the contest decided to use us in a video for the Polysics, so that was the beginning of our career.

Q: So, you worked with the Polysics, how was that experience?

A: It was very new, and it was really interesting, but we just took three times, so it was also very fast.

Q: Are there any artists, other dancers and performers whom you two take inspiration from?

A: Yes, there is a group called Street Messengers, who are my teacher’s teacher’s group. At first we saw them on the TV and we were very amazed at their performance.


Q: How much recognition have you guys gotten from this? Have you gotten many awards and promotions and such?

A: Every performance that we’ve been in, we’ve been given some sort of award or special recognition. Not always first place, but always something, you know. We’ve done some commercials on the internet and Japanese T.V., and also we get invited to do events – like Anime Matsuri.

Q: So, you’ve done commercials. How are the commericials different from performing on stage for you guys?

A: On stage we can’t fix it, but with commercials or videos we can do lots of takes.

Q: What type of music do you guys prefer when performing a routine? Artists, song type, genre, anything like that.

A: We usually like electro – things like Prodigy.

Q: When you are making a new routine, where do you start?

A: We choose the music first, and whatever image we get from the song, we try to put a routine to it.

Q: Which one of you actually decides which songs to use, or do you confer with each other to decide?

A: He chooses mainly, but we make the routine together.

Q: Has anyone ever recognized you guys out on the streets? How do you react to that?

A: Sometimes there are people who ask for pictures and autographs.
Q: What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked of you two?

A: We’ve never really had a “weird” experience before.

Q: Strong Machine 2, I know you’ve done shows and programs before, so what is it like to work with other dancers and actually have to move with other people and work with their unique dance moves?

A: I get very inspired from them, because sometimes they’re doing the same style, but sometimes they’re totally different, and I learn many things from them, so it’s a very good experience.

Q: Strong Machine 1, as a monk, how did you start getting into dancing? How did you make that big of a transition into dancing?

A: Well, he always loved dancing, but since he was always working, he couldn’t go to disco clubs like when he was younger, but now that people have started seeing them and they’ve started dancing, he’s very happy, so he began to focus on that.

Q: Strong Machine 2, How did YOU specifically get into dancing? Was it from watching him?

A: At first, I really liked ballet. My cousin was doing it, but I’ve also been doing karate since I was three. He said that if I got the green belt I could join ballet, but when I GOT the green belt, he said that dancing was better. So, I started going to lessons, and at first I was not very happy about this, but then I started doing it, and I felt like it was very interesting and fun so I kept on. And in the beginning I was doing hiphop, not the animation style.

Q: Is there any special clothing that you guys wear on stage to enhance the performance or make it easier on yourselves to dance?

A: Well, he’s been watching American movies, and these movies give us inspiration for our clothes.

Q: So, when you guys are putting together a new routine, what is the hardest part for you?

A: Getting an image of the music in our minds before we actually put the dance together is the hardest part.

Q: You guys are very popular. How does that feel? Have your lives changed at all since gaining such popularity?

A: Well, they don’t see many differences in their lives, and they don’t act any differently, because they’ve been doing it for such a long time, and since she was a little girl.

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