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An Interview with DJ Kosaka at Anime Matsuri 2010

NewsWireHouston’s Q&A session with DJ Kosaka

Q: Welcome to Anime Matsuri. Is there anything special that you want to so while you’re in the states this year?

A: I want to do more live shows and concerts for all of the American and anime fans. I want to talk about anime with my fans.

Q: Where did you get your start making music?

A: Twenty five years ago playing video games and watching Ninja Warrior. When I heard the video game soundtracks, I said, “I like it!” Fifteen years ago I bought a sound track of game music, and I started making music from that.


Q: So you like video game music, is that where your inspiration comes from?

A: I mostly like to remix video game soundtracks, I really love remixes.

Q: You’re also a comedian, is that another field where you’d like to advance, or is it more like a side hobby?

A: I really want to do both. If I don’t sleep, I’ll have time to do it. I do both jobs for the same reason: To make people happy and smile. I don’t think of them as two jobs, I think of them as two parts of my soul.

Q: How did you first start getting your name out there an introducing yourself to people?

A: I don’t feel that successful yet, I still think of myself as very underground. First I started to go to friends from elementary school, and after that I wanted to become bigger. When I was about twenty, I bought a kind of lab, and started handing out fliers to people, and I only got a few listeners. So, it’s mostly just experience and trying again and again every month.

A: I’m not really the musician, I want to make music that makes people dance. I think of how to get people to dance to the music. When the entire room gets excited, that’s the type of music I wants to make. I don’t want to make love songs or country songs or anything like that.

Q: So, you really like making dance music and seeing your fans dance, so do you take suggestions from them?

A: I have seen people talk about my music in blogs, but I try not to listen too much to outside criticism, because I want to make the perfect music. So, of course I’m thinking about what fans will like, but what I want to make the music for is to surprise the fans.

Q: What is your favorite part about mixing up a track?

A: I like to play with the bass drums. [Kosaka imitates bass beats] I try to find the perfect bass that goes to the song.
Q: When you’re making music, are you trying to make songs that sound as though they would fit to a video game, since you like them so much?

Q: What’s the hardest part for you? Is it making more sounds to go along with the beats? What is it?

A: What’s hard about making dance music is how to make people dance, because not many people dance easily, so I always worry about how to make people happy and get them dancing.

Q: So, when you first found out you were getting signed by AVEX, what was your initial reaction? Did you expect that?

A: I was really happy, because AVEX is Japan’s number one music label, so AVEX was originally the one who BROUGHT dance music to Japan, like techno and eurobeat. So, I was very happy about that.

Q: How did AVEX find about about you? Did you send a tape in?

A: That’s difficult to say, I’m a comedian, so the AVEX workers told me to make music to go with my stand up. I made remixes to the traditional sort of music that they play at Japanese festivals, so I recorded that, put it to my stand up, and that was the first time AVEX heard me. That’s another reason why I have to be both comedian and DJ, it’s sort of a cooperation.

Q: Where do you hope to take yourself in the future? What are your goals?

A: My goal is to go to another country to perform and have a live show where many people don’t know what dance music is, and of course I still want to do shows in America and Japan, but this is the country where dance music came from, so I hopes to be good here.

Q: Do you have any CDs or singles coming out soon, and if so what can we expect from them?

A: I had a CD come out last month that was a soundtrack for the Japanese game, Monster Hunter. So, I hope that for the future I can make more Japanese electronic music and remixes.

Q: Are there any artists who you look up to and who influence your sound, or is it all just you?

A: Prodigy, Atari Teenage Riot, Limp Biskit, game music, and several others.

Q: So, since you really like games, would you like your songs to be featured in games in the future?

A: I don’t want dance music in games, haha, so although I remix game songs, I don’t want to put my own songs into a game. I’m remixing, not composing when it comes to games.

Q: You really like to see your audience dancing, so is there any way you interact with the audience to get them dancing?

A: I really like to call out to the audience, but my English isn’t that good, so I tend to repeat myself or not known what to say.

Q: What are your plans for an American tour? Do you have one in the works, what are you trying to do here?

A: Well, for right now I don’t have a big plan, but I would like to do more live concerts after seeing all of the excitement at last night’s show. Last night I was in a Tsuburaya costume, made for by a special company, which I payed for with my own money, and I hope to get to do more shows in costume.

Click HERE to photos from DJ Kosaka’s Interview.

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