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An Interview with Aural Vampire

NewsWireHouston’s Q&A session with Exo-chika from Aural Vampire

Aural Vampire - Exo-chika
Q: Welcome back to Anime Matsuri, is there anything you’re looking forward to or would like to do while you’re visiting the states?

A: It was 2008 when I last came here, so I don’t really feel like I’m in the states. I hope all the fans remember me. For the future I want to go to another state, and do more acting and live shows.

Q: I know Aural Vampire has another CD coming out in May, so I was wondering what we can expect from this one. Is it going to be different from past CDs?

A: In the past when making CDs, I didn’t know how people in other countries would react. So, one thing I was thinking about for the new CD was another country of people, what music they like, and what they want from Aural Vampire. That’s how I made it.

Q: I know your lyrics are very dark and seductive, they have that deeper feel. I was wondering if there was any specific inspiration for these types of lyrics.

A: Raveman is the one who makes the music, and his inspiration comes from movies, mechanical noises like chainsaws, but mostly just noises that he hears in the outside world like while walking through the park or down the street. The sounds make music to him. I get inspiration for lyrics from movies, and what I really feel about the words. When I’m making a song, I get a vision from the movies about what they sound like.

Q: On the subject of Raveman, where does he get inspiration for those masks? Do you help him with that?

A: No, *giggles*, that’s all him. He gets inspiration from horror movies and carnivals from other countries. He also likes Halloween masks.

Q: When did you know that you first wanted to make music, how did you come to realize this? And how did Raveman get into DJing?

A: I’ve been singing since I was little, I used to sing all the time. But I don’t know how Raveman got into music, because when we met he was already making music.
Aural Vampire's Exo-chika
Q: When you guys are making music, is there any specific feeling that you like it to give people?

A: Well, the lyrics are Japanese, but what I most think about is the sound. I want it to be comfortable for people, something good to hear. Mostly, I think about how it will sound to people and getting a sense of what they like and the meaning of the lyrics.

Q: I know you’ve designed clothing before, and you’re teaming up with Atelier-Pierrot for the J-Fashion show. What is it like to work with him, and is this another field of interest that you’d like to pursue, or is this more of a hobby?

A: For the future, I don’t really think about becoming a designer. I have so many designers that I feel like one too. I was thinking about designers in other places, and countries, and how I wanted to work together with them to do a show. So, this time, the fashion show is more about designers coming together with Aural Vampire’s music.

Q: When you guys are putting together a new album, what are the first things you do, and what are the hardest things for you to do?

A: Raveman makes the background track, and the song is in its simple stages then, when it comes to me. I make the lyrics, and then the music goes back to him for more refinement. The hardest thing for me is when Raveman makes too difficult of a song to put lyrics to. I feel like most of those songs would do well underground.

Q: You guys have become really famous recently, and you’re a really big topic for lots of people, even people who aren’t really into international music. How do you guys deal with this, did you anticipate this much success?

A: Before I came to America I didn’t believe our success here. I was wondering if people were really listening to Aural Vampire, but when I came here, so many people were listening to our music and knew me that I was very happy. Even though the language is not easy to communicate through, I feel like Aural Vampires music has a deep heart to heart connection.

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