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Gov. Perry: Texas’ Economy Continues to Have a Strong Foundation

ORTH RICHLAND HILLS – Gov. Rick Perry today touted Texas’ relatively strong economic environment with attracting businesses to expand in the state and create jobs for Texans. The governor spoke at a ribbon cutting for Prestige-Ameritech’s new manufacturing facility, which is creating nearly 250 jobs in North Texas.

Gov. Perry: Texas’ Economy Continues to Have a Strong Foundation

Texas’ Economy Has Strong Foundation

“Here in Texas, we have worked hard to create and preserve a job-friendly economic climate, where innovation is rewarded and employers have the best chance to succeed. We are seeing more fruits of those labors as we welcome the return of a key manufacturer to this area and the 250 jobs that accompany the revival of this facility,” Gov. Perry said. “The jobs they are creating are part of a great overall trend for Texas, where our unemployment rate is the lowest among the nation’s 10 largest states and we produced more private sector jobs than any other state in the nation over the past 10 years.”

The governor credited Texas’ low taxes, reasonable and predictable regulatory climate, and skilled and educated workforce with helping to attract companies that are looking to expand or relocate.

Prestige-Ameritech is the largest domestic manufacturer of surgical face masks and disposable medical products in the U.S. The company has consolidated its three Texas facilities into a single facility in North Richland Hills known as the Global Pandemic Preparedness and Response Center. The facility will help the U.S. and other countries build surgical mask and N95 respirator stockpiles for use during pandemics, reducing the likelihood of shortages in global emergencies.

Texas’ economy continues to receive national attention. Texas was recently named the number one exporting state in the nation for the eighth year in a row, and according to Moody’s Economy, seven Texas metro areas are expected to be among the first to emerge from the recession. Forbes lists Texas as having one of the lowest debt burdens in the country, and a study conducted by Allied Van Lines found that more individuals and families chose to move to Texas than anywhere in the U.S. in 2009. Additionally, according to the Texas Workforce Commission, Texas created more private sector jobs than any other state in the nation over the last 10 years, and has the lowest unemployment rate among the 10 largest states in the nation.

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