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UWANTGAME (UWG), a non-profit organization dedi- cated to building the personal and professional life skills of high school student-athletes as they transition to athletic programs at the collegiate level, will host itʼs first Houston fundraiser at The Social, Thursday, March 25th, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Coinciding with a viewing party of the NCAA Tournament, UWANTGAME, which has chapters in Houston and New York City, NY, will honor a student-athlete mentee and mentor of the year, as well as host a silent auction and raffle with highly coveted sports memorabilia from Houston ath- letes.

“I’m excited and look forward to furthering UWANTGAME in Houston,”said Joe Branch, co- founder of UWANTGAME, a Houston native and former college basketball standout at North- western. “Houston is home and we care passionately about the growth of the next generation of student athletes. We hope to mobilize former student-athletes and supporters in Houston that have a passion for sports to join us on the mission. And what better time to come together than during March Madness!”

Bill Bobbora, UWANTGAME co-founder, said, “Joe Branch and I met while he was in high school and I was new to the business world. Joe and I often joke that if it wasn’t for sports, we would have never met in business. That simple connection point led to the idea of UWANT- GAME. Sports knockʼs down so many social, economic and geographic barriers. Through mentoring, and our development programs, we are helping kids attain their full potential off the field. We are helping to build tomorrow’s leaders.”

Iman Houston, a local Houston attorney and one of UWANTGAME’s coveted mentors also re- marked on the program. “I remember all too fondly the rigors of being a high school student-athlete. UWANTGAME has allowed me the opportunity to share my perspective on that time in my life and to learn how drastically high school sports have changed since my playing days. I am slowly but surely developing a relationship with my mentee and I certainly hope the experience has been as rewarding for her as it has been for me.”

Bobbora went on to say, “The field and the locker room are great equalizers and great learning environments for more than just your physical game. This is where many people develop their leadership skills and make friends for life. The lessons you learn from sports applies to all as- pects of life. That’s what UWANTGAME is all about. Helping students leverage the experi- ences they have in sports to the game of life.”

Branch also recognizes the value of returning UWANTGAME to it’s Houston roots. “It’s defi- nitely an exciting time to work on UWANTGAME where our relationship started. We’ve had great success in New York City, but there is no place like home!

Doorʼs to The Social, located at 3730 Washington Avenue, open at 6:00 p.m. with the NCAA “Sweet Sixteen” tournament displayed on over 8 screens. Ticketʼs start at $25.00, including an invite to the fundraiser, an open bar and entry into the raffle. For ticket purchases, please go to

UWANTGAME (UWG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building the personal and pro- fessional life skills of high school student-athletes as they transition to athletic programs at the collegiate level. UWANTGAME holds offices in New York City and Houston, TX. Through our program, former student-athletes from colleges and universities around the country, serve as mentors for our select high school student-athletes. For more information please contact us at or send an email to

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