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Chuck Silverman — Caught Red-Handed

Desperate lawyer and candidate falsely claims endorsements from Houston Political Leaders

In a last minute attempt to save his political campaign, candidate Chuck Silverman has falsely claimed the support of Democratic State Representative Sylvester Turner and City of Houston Controller Ronald Green. He made the claims in a mail piece that hit thousands of homes this week.

Both Representative Turner and Controller Green have denied Silverman’s claims. “I have not endorsed Chuck Silverman and I continue to support and endorse Shawn Thierry for Judge of the 157th Civil District Court,” said Representative Sylvester Turner. Controller Green could not be reached for official comment, however, his office confirmed that he did not endorse Chuck Silverman for the 157th Civil District Court.

“All candidates, especially judicial candidates, should only list endorsements and/or support that they have actually received for the position they are seeking” commented Robert Jara, political consultant.

Shawn Thierry, Judicial Candidate for the 157th Civil District Court, has called upon the Silverman campaign to retract the misrepresentations made in the mailers. “It is disappointing that my opponent would mislead potential voters by misusing the names and reputations of important Houston leaders like Representative Turner and Controller Green,” remarked Ms. Thierry.

Silverman’s actions have raised ethical questions, and the issue of whether Silverman is unfit for the judicial bench, “Voters expect those seeking judicial office to behave ethically and honestly. False claims of support from any elected official tarnishes the democratic process and are a reflection of moral character. That is why I strongly support Shawn Thierry for the 157th Civil District Court, ” says State Representative Alma Allen.

“I am running for judge to return balance, fairness and honesty to our courts. That is the only way to see that justice is served,” added Thierry.

Silverman’s mailer containing the misrepresentations arrived on the heels of Shawn Thierry’s endorsements by the Coalition of Harris County Democratic Elected Officials, Houston Black American Democrats, Harris County AFL-CIO Council, Latino Labor Leadership Council, Mexican American Bar Association, Pasadena Area 5 Democrats, Harris County Tejano Democrats, South Union Association of Civic Clubs, Pasadena Bar Association, Houston Baptist Ministers Association, Momentum PAC, and KEY PAC.

“Mr. Silverman should immediately retract these misrepresentations to the Harris County voters if he continues to stay in the race for the 157th Civil District Court” says Shawn Thierry.

Political advertising paid for by Shawn Thierry For Judge Campaign, Amber Anderson Mostyn, Treasurer. In compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act.

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