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Congressman Al Green laments the passing of Representative John Murtha

“John Murtha was my friend,” said Congressman Al Green today. “He will be remembered as an American patriot who devoted his life to serving our great nation, first as a soldier in the Korean war and in Vietnam, and later as the Representative of the Pennsylvania 12th Congressional District.”

Green continued: “It was just last Saturday that he became the longest-serving Member of Congress from Pennsylvania.” “He leaves a legacy of a life dedicated to public service that spanned more than three decades.”

“Rep. Murtha was one of the first Vietnam veterans elected to the House of Representatives, which seemed to be his calling because through his 19 terms he became one of the greatest champions of the group of men and women who are willing to sacrifice all for the sake of freedom and democracy not only in the United States, but also in the rest of the world,” added Congressman Green.

“Certainly John Murtha proved himself highly valuable while serving on the House Committees on Appropriations and Ethics for 36 and 2 years, respectively, but he also demonstrated his passion for public service by mentoring new members of Congress who learned from his expertise.”

“Furthermore, Rep. Murtha worked hard by collaborating with others on bills to develop scientific research for the treatment of breast cancer and prostate cancer, as well as diabetes and HIV/AIDS.”

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