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“OBAMA Agrees with Pete Olson in advocating BUSH League Policies”- Keesha Rogers

We Must Declare Now Our Intention to Colonize the Solar System

“Privatize NASA? Is that man really trying to give yet another bailout to Wall Street speculators?” responded Kesha Rogers, after hearing about the leaks from the White House on President Obama’s rumored new budget. “All thinking Americans will reject this insane proposal,” Rogers stated, “because NASA must continue to be an economic driver for the nation. Any real economic recovery requires a mission to colonize the Moon and Mars. Shutting down those jobs, just to give more money to already bankrupt private interests, is committing national suicide.

“I concur with Lyndon LaRouche’s characterization: if Obama follows through on this, he will be adopting the Rohatyn-Schultz model, which in their case funded private military corporations in place of our national military. Privatization is designed to kill the program – there will be no scientific advances, thus, no spin-offs. Privatization will eliminate the potential for scientific advance, and turn NASA into a plaything for a handful of rich people who want a space adventure.’

“This decision means that Obama now agrees with my opponent, Pete Olson, in advocating Bush League policies against the General Welfare,’” Rogers added. “Olson has long had a commitment to dismantling American production under the slogan of cutting government spending. If this decision is not reversed, NASA WILL BE DESTROYED, and Houstonians, and Americans, will have no hope of any future but a Dark Age.”

“As a Democrat in the tradition of John Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt,” said Rogers, “I adamantly reject this decision, we must return to the course of scientific and technological progress. It is time to declare now our intention to have operative colonies on the Moon and Mars by 2050. We can only accomplish that the Constitutional way: with Federal credit directed through a protectionist national banking system, never by relying upon the good graces of free markets, cutting social safety nets, or taxing the American people to death.”

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