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Congressman Al Green meets with Houston’s and Harris County’s top players to discuss key issues regarding workforce and labor in America

WHO: U.S. Congressman Al Green (Texas 9th Congressional District) and representatives from the Texas chapter of AFL-CIO, SEIU, American Federation of Teachers and Houston Police Officers Association, among other organizations.

WHAT: Congressman Green will meet with key players of Houston’s and Harris County’s workforce community to inform them about new labor laws that were passed during the first session of the 111th Congress and those that will be debated starting 2010. Congressman Green will also listen to the concerns and suggestions of the organizations attending the event.

WHEN: Wednesday, December 30th 2009 / From 9 AM to 11 AM.

WHERE: Crowne Plaza Hotel (8686 Kirby Drive, Houston TX
ZIP Code: 77054 / San Jacinto Rooms 1 & 2 / Phone: 713-748-3221).

WHY: In 2009, the United States enacted several important laws that directly impact working families. Also, in the coming months Congress will have the opportunity to consider additional legislation such as the Employee Free Choice Act and the Living American Wage Act.

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