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Candidate refuses to answer important questions in last night’s debate

Houston voters wondered why lawyer-lobbyist Gene Locke skipped out on the first televised debate. And now they know, because at yesterday’s debate, Gene Locke failed to answer question after question. Locke tried his best to duck and weave, but left this list of specifics still unanswered:

Come Clean, Gene on how you will pay for your spending promises: As the Chronicle reported, “Locke did not give details on his pledge to put more police on the streets by giving a number, a time frame or a funding source.” Locke has consistently failed to say how he would pay for his spending promises, even when Mayor Bill White has said the city has no money left for new spending.

Come Clean, Gene on the potential taxpayer bailout of Reliant Stadium bonds: The Chronicle has reported that the deal lawyer-lobbyist Locke negotiated for the Reliant Stadium financing is in trouble, and a promise that no tax dollars would be at risk has been broken, because he inserted an “obscure provision” in the finance documents. Locke still has not answered the question why he broke this promise to taxpayers.

Come Clean, Gene on your record as a lobbyist: Locke has already tried to deny he was a lobbyist, claiming, “I’ve never been a lobbyist!” Yet official Texas records show Locke not only registered as a lobbyist but helped companies such as Ken Lay’s Azurix Co., Locke’s law firm and other entities land millions of dollars in business off the public till. Locke needs to disclose the full extent of his activities lobbying the city.

This election is in five days. Come Clean, Gene. The clock is ticking.

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