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Lawyer Lobbyist Locke caught lying about his lobbying record

The list of questions that Lawyer Lobbyist Gene Locke refuses to answer grows longer each day.

First, Locke was caught by the Houston Chronicle and Houston Press misleading voters in last night’s debate.
Lawyer-lobbyist Locke said, “I am not a lobbyist. I’ve never been a lobbyist. I’m a lawyer.” And then he proceeded to lecture Annise Parker about the difference between the two.

But the Houston Chronicle and Houston Press report that Locke was indeed registered as a lobbyist with the Texas Ethics Commission on behalf of the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority. And the Houston Chronicle reported previously that Locke has lobbied for the Hudson Group and Azurix Corp.

Come Clean Gene: Why did you mislead voters last night and what other lobbying activities have you failed to disclose?

In last night’s debate, Lawyer-Lobbyist Locke added a new question to the list, when he said Houston voters should ask, “What’s in it for me?”

Come Clean Gene: What is in it for Gene Locke?

What was in it for Lawyer-Lobbyist Locke when he inserted an “obscure provision” in the financing documents for Reliant Stadium that left taxpayers on the hook for a potential bailout of $4 million a year – after promising that no tax dollars would be at risk?

What’s in it for Lawyer Lobbyist Locke when he refuses to answer whether he will recuse himself from voting on city contracts for his law firm and its clients – the same firm that billed $17 million in the last six years to the city and related public agencies, including billing the Sports Authority $640 per hour?

Come Clean Gene: Lawyer Lobbyist Gene Locke needs to come clean with the answers that Houston voters deserve from anyone seeking to be their next mayor.

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