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Annise Parker Publicly Releases Tax Returns

Parker calls on opponent Gene Locke to do the same

Today, City Controller and Houston Mayoral Candidate Annise Parker publicly released her personal tax returns for the last three years and called on her opponent Gene Locke to do the same.

“Voters deserve objective information to assess for themselves whether their potential leaders are free from bias and can always act in the best interest of citizens,” said Parker. “That’s why I’ve made my tax returns public and I expect Mr. Locke to do the same.”

Parker released her returns to Texas Watchdog, a news website that scrutinizes the actions of government agencies, bureaucracies and politicians in Texas. Watchdog reported today that Locke has failed to respond to its request that he release his tax returns.

The news media has repeatedly reported on Locke’s potential conflicts of interest from his dealings as a lawyer and lobbyist and his relationships with the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority, METRO and other entities. In addition to requesting the release of Locke’s tax returns, Texas Watchdog submitted a list of questions to Locke regarding his relationship to the Sports Authority, which is in deep financial trouble as a result of deals negotiated by Locke. Those questions remain unanswered.

“Let’s get beyond the rhetoric and look at the facts,” said Parker. “Mr. Locke should release his tax returns as a good first step toward answering the serious allegations of his conflicts of interest.”

Parker and her partner’s tax returns can be viewed at:

Read the release on

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