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Congressman Al Green (TX-09) participated today in the celebrations of Veterans Day in Houston, which this year was particularly emotional because of the tragedy at Fort Hood.

“As long as this is a Government of the people, by the people and for the people, they will be remembered,” said Congressman Green when he addressed the hundreds of people —including veterans and civilians— who had gathered at City Hall.

Congressman Green also emphasized the courage of the members of the Armed Forces and said he will always work to provide them with as much protection as possible so that they can accomplish the difficult and dangerous missions that are assigned to them.

“I will always do what is in my power to make sure these brave men and women are well equipped because they are the ones who, through their sacrifice and risking their own lives, protect the freedom and democracy that the United States of America represents like no other nation in the world,” said Congressman Green.

He added that he will work in Congress to develop efficient programs aimed at providing opportunities for veterans who want to re-enter the civilian life and he also expressed his commitment to resolve the homelessness situation that affects so many veterans in the United States.

When he finished his remarks and accompanied by the engaged audience, Congressman Green sang ‘God Bless America’. After the ceremony at City Hall he greeted several veterans and then he participated in the downtown parade organized by Houston Mayor Bill White.

Veterans Day was established in 1954 after a bill with this purpose successfully completed its passage in Congress and was signed into law by President Dwight Eisenhower. The recognition this day entails has its origin in the so-called Armistice Day, which was first proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919.

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