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Annise Parker – The Numbers Don’t Lie

Annise’s victory last week was just the beginning in a wave of good news and amazing momentum for her campaign.

In a key endorsement, one of Houston’s most influential groups – The Houston Council of Engineering Companies – endorsed Annise yesterday for her committment to Houston’s critical infrastructure needs and “her concern about the potential impact of long-term deferred maintenance on the general welfare of our community.”

In its Sunday edition, the Houston Chronicle wrote “Locke Faces an Uphill Battle with Parker” citing its own analysis of precinct voting data from November 3. According to the Chronicle: “City Controller Annise Parker heads into next month’s mayoral runoff election a step ahead of former City Attorney Gene Locke among voters in most demographic and geographic categories.”

But don’t just believe the Houston Chronicle and our growing coalition of supporters – the proof is in the numbers:

Read this internal campaign memo just released to the public:

In an October survey by Lake Research Partners, among voters who voted for Peter Brown originally, Annise was their second choice candidate and by a margin of 2 to 1 over Locke. And among voters who chose Morales (either first or second), almost a third chose Parker (30%) compared to just 10% who chose Locke.

In a Houston Chronicle/Zogby poll conducted three weeks before the election, in a runoff head to head comparison, Parker led Locke by 8.2%, 34.2 to 26 (see page 6 of the report).

In a poll from KHOU/KUHF/Bob Stein, completed two weeks before the election, Stein included a runoff head to head question where Parker led Locke by 13%, 48 to 35 (see page 1).

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