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Peter Brown for Mayor Campaign Continues to Build Momentum

Independent polling released last night shows Peter Brown building strong momentum heading into the November general election next week. News of the poll followed major endorsements recently received by the Peter Brown for Mayor campaign – including the Transport Workers Union Local 260 and Brown’s fellow City Council member Jarvis Johnson, who represents City Council District B.

“Council Member Brown shares our goal of providing the riding public with safe and efficient transportation,” said Local 260 President David Gollinger. “He recognizes that the Transit Authority needs a new direction.”

Council Member Johnson also endorsed Peter Brown, saying that though they hadn’t always agreed on council, Brown is a proven leader who can get results for Houston.

“During our time on City Council, I’ve often stood alongside Peter, and on occasion I’ve fought against Peter. But at the end of the day, I have known Peter Brown to be a true leader, the kind of leader this city needs,” said Johnson.

A KHOU/KUHF poll released on Monday showed Peter Brown with a significant lead over his major opponents, defeating either one in a run-off. Over the past month, momentum has continued to build behind Peter Brown’s candidacy for Mayor. Brown himself said he was honored to earn these endorsements, and to be earning the support of so many other Houstonians.

“I’m honored to have the support of Council Member Johnson, the Transport Workers, and so many voters all across Houston who want to make our city even better,” said Peter Brown. “Our campaign is reaching out to voters in every community, working hard to earn every vote, and our message of a safer city with new, good-paying jobs and a higher quality of life is resonating with voters. We’re going to keep working hard all the way through the end of this election.”

As a successful businessman, Peter Brown has the experience Houston needs in our next mayor. A U.S. Army Veteran born and raised in Houston, Peter built his own small business into a successful national firm. He knows how to make a business thrive, and he knows how to get results. As Mayor, he’ll use those skills to improve our city – protecting our tax dollars with a more effective, efficient and accountable approach to government. He has a Blueprint for an Even Better Houston, with real solutions to reduce crime, improve the quality of life, and attract more businesses and more jobs to Houston. As a City Council Member, Brown saved taxpayers millions by reworking city building plans, cutting government waste, and championing conservation efforts. Brown has the experience and vision to make Houston even better. We need a Mayor who will get results, and Peter Brown is that leader.

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