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New Poll Shows Parker in the Lead for Mayor

The Annise Parker for Mayor campaign released the results of a recent poll that show Parker in the lead. Peter Brown, Gene Locke, and Roy Morales trail behind and are still in a race to see who can make the run-off with Parker:

Annise Parker: 27%
Peter Brown: 21%
Gene Locke: 17%
Roy Morales: 11%
Undecided: 24%

“We have always known this would be a tight race,” said Adam Harris, Parker’s campaign manager. “We feel good about these numbers but we’re pushing now harder than ever.”

Harris added that given the low turnout projected by many observers, the poll placed a particularly tight screen on likely voters to ensure getting the most accurate data.

“Parker is also the most known and liked candidate in this race,” said Celinda Lake and Joshua Ulibarri of Lake Research Partners, the firm conducting the poll.

The Parker Campaign posted a memo by Lake Research Partners describing the poll on its website at

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