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Latest ad details Brown’s Business Experience and Record of Results Saving Taxpayer Dollars

City Council Member, businessman and candidate for mayor Peter Brown today released his fifth television ad, “Late,” highlighting his business experience and commitment to efficient, fiscally responsible government.

“Peter Brown’s background as a businessman and as a city council member dedicated to making city government more efficient and effective is exactly the sort of experience Houstonians want in their next mayor,” said Brown’s campaign manager Lucinda Guinn. “Peter is committed to protecting Houston’s taxpayers.”

Last month, Peter Brown released his reform and accountability blueprint Keeping Houston Efficient, a comprehensive strategy with real solutions to make city government work better. Brown continues to build on his work on City Council, using his experience as a successful businessman to cut wasteful spending and find more efficient solutions.

“Our next mayor needs to take care of the bottom line and deliver results for Houston residents and taxpayers,” said Brown. “As a businessman and current City Council Member, I know what it takes to get the job done and how to make city government work.”

Brown’s earlier television ads, including, “Next Step,” “Blueprint,” “Community,” and “Different” have received strong praise for their positive message and clear, compelling presentation. “Late” began airing citywide today on both cable and broadcast television.

A transcript of the ad is included below:

ANNOUNCER: You learn a few things when you run your own business: Watch every expense. Keep working until the job is done, no matter how late.

ANNOUNCER: That’s how on City Council Peter Brown cut government waste, and fought overpriced city contracts.

ANNOUNCER: Doing more with less. Saving millions, and protecting taxpayer dollars.

PETER BROWN: We need to make city government more efficient, more accountable, and more responsive to everybody’s needs.

ANNOUNCER: Peter Brown for Mayor, an even better Houston.

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