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Parker Calls on Brown to Withdraw Misleading Ads

Today Mayoral candidate Annise Parker again called on her opponent Peter Brown to stop all advertising in which he falsely takes credit for the work of others.

“Peter Brown’s consistent pattern of making false claims is disturbing,” said Parker. “And spending millions of dollars on television doesn’t make a false claim into a truthful one. “It’s time Mr. Brown told the truth and stopped taking credit for the hard work of others. I call on Mr. Brown to withdraw his misleading ads immediately.”

At Monday night’s debate on KRIV-TV, Parker asked Brown to withdraw untrue ads in which claims that he “initiated,” “created” or was “responsible for” the accomplishments of Mayor Bill White and others. Brown makes these claims on television, in mailers, on his website and in candidate forums. Brown’s claims are false, and at the debate, Parker cited three examples:

• The Houston Chronicle reports that Brown takes credit for the city’s new single-stream recycling program, yet that program was an outgrowth of the work done by a task force co-chaired by Parker and implemented by Mayor Bill White.

• KHOU-TV reports that Brown claims he came up with the idea of a real-time crime center for Houston, yet Mayor White’s office reports that White and Police Chief Hurtt were working on that concept long before Brown mentioned it.

• Brown says in his voter mail that he reduced energy costs with the LED lights on traffic lights, yet that was a program created by Mayor White.

And in recent weeks, Brown was forced to take his supporters page off his website after the Houston Chronicle reported that he had claimed endorsements by more than 30 people who were actually supporting an opponent.

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