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Peter Brown Rises Above Politics-as-Usual by Offering Real Solutions and a Positive Vision for Houston

Continuing to distinguish himself from the other major candidates for mayor by offering real solutions and a positive vision for Houston, Peter Brown once again showed that he will be a mayor who can get results for Houston. During the 90-minute debate aired Monday night on KRIV, Brown clearly demonstrated the experience, leadership, and vision needed in Houston’s next mayor.

“Tonight Peter Brown showed once again why he is ready to be mayor. Instead of engaging in schoolyard bickering or angry rhetoric, Peter Brown is offering real solutions for Houston,” said Brown’s campaign manager Lucinda Guinn. “Houstonians want a mayor who can get results, to continue the progress made over the last six years and to make Houston even better.”

Brown focused on his vision for an even better Houston during the debate, and discussed in detail the real solutions outlined in his Blueprint For An Even Better Houston. Brown called for making Houston safer with a tougher and smarter approach to fighting crime including decentralized policing for lower response times and an increased police presence in neighborhoods. He also discussed strategies to grow the city economy and create new jobs, protect neighborhoods, deal with traffic and flooding problems, and make government more efficient, accountable, and responsive to city residents.

“We need to keep the city safe, grow our economy, improve our quality of life and make city government more efficient. To do that, we need a mayor who can get results for Houston,” said Brown. “I have the right experience, the proven track record, and the vision to lead this city.”

Brown also sought to change the tone of a campaign that has become increasingly negative – with recent debates marked by angry rhetoric from some of the candidates – by focusing on his positive agenda. In one notable moment during the debate, Brown opted not to use his chance to ask a question to his opponents to launch an attack, but rather called on all of the candidates to say something positive about each other.

“What turns people off is politics as usual. The same old thing where we’re talking a lot but not getting a lot done,” said Brown. “That’s why I’m focused on a positive, proactive agenda to make Houston even better.”

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