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Annise Parker – Three TV Debates, Three Wins

Annise Parker again demonstrated tonight that she is the only candidate with the knowledge and experience to lead the City of Houston as Mayor from the first day in office.

In a debate taped and aired tonight by KRIV-TV, Parker took control of the debate from the beginning. She laid out her record as City Councilmember and City Controller, highlighting her track record of creation of the Rainy Day Fund that helped the city recover from Hurricane Ike and tough performance audits that identified millions of dollars in savings that are now funding parks, libraries and the Police Department.

On the issue of public safety, Parker pointed out that she is the only candidate with thirty years’ experience working with and for the Houston Police Department and the only one with a comprehensive public safety plan that will actually make Houstonians safer. She said that she would put more officers on the street without increasing spending by cooperation with other law enforcement agencies and using state-certified officers trained by Houston Community College.

To improve the economy, Parker explained that she will use economic incentives to bring businesses to Houston. Her Hire Houston First program will ensure that contracts go to local firms and jobs to local residents.

With her twenty years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, Parker understands the importance of that industry to Houston. She told the audience and viewers that while Houston is now known as the oil and gas capital of the world, she will make it the alternative energy capital of the world.

Parker was the only candidate to address education, pointing out that the Mayor has a responsibility to see that children are safe and stay in school. To that end, she will hire an education coordinator to work with the 17 school districts inside Houston, increase after-school programs and work with businesses to create mentoring and jobs programs. Parker was recently endorsed by the Houston Federation of Teachers.

To protect neighborhoods, Parker pointed to two ordinances she passed while a Councilmember: the minimum lot size and minimum setback ordinances. Parker said as Mayor she will create a deed restriction database and will proactively help neighborhoods reconstitute their deed restrictions.

In contrast to Parker’s performance, Peter Brown was forced to respond to news reports that he has taken credit for the work of others and is running ads that contain false claims. Similarly, Gene Locke had to address recent news reports about conflicts of interest arising from his accepting campaign contributions from METRO board members and contractors.

For more information on Parker’s plans for Houston, please visit her website at

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