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Latest Ad “Different” Details Brown’s Blueprint to Create New Jobs and Grow the Houston Economy

Houston City Council Member and Candidate for Mayor Peter Brown today released his fourth television ad, “Different,” highlighting his business background and how he’ll apply that experience to city government. The ad touts Brown’s blueprint to create new jobs and grow the city economy.

“Peter Brown has the experience and vision we need to grow our economy and create new jobs and opportunities for working Houstonians,” said Brown’s campaign manager Lucinda Guinn. “Peter Brown’s experience as a businessman gives him a different perspective on city government – understanding that every effective business has a plan for its future success.”

Brown released his job creation blueprint Keep Us Working at an economic development round table last month, where he was joined by prominent business leaders and experts from around the city who touted his comprehensive vision to grow Houston’s economy. Brown’s job creation blueprint calls for keeping Houston business-friendly, bringing new businesses and jobs here, supporting local businesses and growing small businesses. It also calls for targeting growth in core sectors of Houston’s economy where there is unique potential for success based on existing infrastructure and local resources.

“We need a blueprint to grow our city economy and keep Houston business friendly – cutting red tape and keeping taxes low – to make sure businesses come here, stay here, and create jobs,” said Brown. “We’re a dynamic, entrepreneurial city, and we need to put that to work.”

Brown’s earlier television ads, including, “Next Step,” “Blueprint” and “Community” have received strong praise for their clear, positive message and compelling presentation. “Different” began airing citywide today on both cable and broadcast television.

A transcript of the ad is below:

Peter Brown:
“I’m a businessman, and I look at city government different than politicians.”

Peter Brown. He built a successful business from the ground up.

Peter Brown:
“It’s a great city. It has a certain entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a city of opportunity.”

His business turned blueprints into jobs. Now he has a blueprint for Houston’s economy. Help small business grow. Cutting red tape. And keeping taxes low.

Attract new businesses here, creating more jobs. Peter Brown for Mayor. An even better Houston.

As a successful businessman, Peter Brown has the experience Houston needs in our next mayor. A U.S. Army Veteran born and raised in Houston, Peter built his own small business into a successful national firm. He knows how to make a business thrive, and he knows how to get results. As Mayor, he’ll use those skills to improve our city – protecting our tax dollars with a more effective, efficient and accountable approach to government. He’ll make smart investments to reduce crime, improve the quality of life, and attract more businesses and more jobs to Houston. As a City Council Member, Brown saved taxpayers millions by reworking city building plans, cutting government waste, and championing conservation efforts. Brown has the experience and vision to build an even better Houston. We need a Mayor who will get results, and Peter Brown is that leader.

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