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Houston Chronicle busts Peter Brown for making false claims

For the second time in recent weeks, the Houston Chronicle has busted Peter Brown for making false claims.

First, the Gene Locke campaign caught Peter falsely claiming the endorsements of 30 people who had actually endorsed Locke. The Locke campaign complained, but Brown only took the fake endorsements down after it was reported by the Chronicle.

Now the Chronicle reports Brown has done it again. According to a story in Saturday’s paper, Brown’s campaign ads have falsely claimed he “initiated” and “created” the city’s recycling program. Not true. In reality the program was based on a recommendation made by a task force headed by City Controller Annise Parker. See an excerpt from the Chronicle story below:

Houston Chronicle
October 10, 2009
By Bradley Olson

Recycling Program’s Roots Under Fire

On the stump and in his television ads, Peter Brown has made a point of telling voters he “initiated” or “created” a recycling program at City Hall that has saved taxpayers more than $1 million.

The program in question revolves around keeping yard and tree waste from going to landfills and is one of many ways the city has stepped up recycling efforts this year. The savings are real, and are much higher than $1 million.

But the idea for the initiative came from a task force co-chaired by his opponent in the mayoral contest, Annise Parker.

Mayor Bill White and Harry Hayes, the director of the Solid Waste Management Department, have highlighted the role the task force played in initiating the idea in press conferences and press releases. Neither has mentioned Brown.

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