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Proven Leadership And Real Solutions Set Brown Apart From Other Candidates
Distinguishing himself from the other candidates by offering real solutions and a record of results, Peter Brown demonstrated that he will be a mayor who can get things done for Houston. During the 60-minute debate aired live on KTRK, Brown displayed the experience, strength, and vision Houston voters are looking for in their next Mayor.

“This is the first time most of the voters of Houston have had the opportunity to see all four candidates together – to hear about their ideas and see their experience in action,” said Brown Campaign Manager Lucinda Guinn. “Houstonians know that the next Mayor is going to need the right experience and real solutions to make Houston even better. It was clear tonight that Peter Brown is the one candidate who offers both.”

Brown offered real solutions instead of sound bites during the debate, discussing specific proposals to make city government more efficient, protect neighborhoods, deal with traffic congestion and provide real transportation choices, and make the city safer with a tougher, smarter approach to fighting crime in Houston. Throughout, Brown returned to a clear philosophy underlying his ideas: making government more efficient and effective – doing more with less.

Brown also drew on his broad experience, as a businessman for more than thirty-five years, architect and urban planner, and current Houston City Council Member, to make the case for experienced leadership with a clear vision to get results for Houston.

“We need a vision for the future, and a plan – a blueprint – to make that vision a reality and get the results we need,” said Brown. “As mayor, I’ll use my experience to make our city safe, grow our economy, improve our quality of life, and make government more efficient.”

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