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2nd Annual Harris County International Trade & Transportation Conference

January 24-26, 2010
The Hilton of the Americas

Welcome to the Second Annual Harris County International Trade & Transportation Conference

The Texas Gulf Coast is destined to become “gateway to North America.” And, Harris County, the third largest county in the United States, and surrounding counties, must take steps now to fulfill that destiny. The Port of Houston and other Texas ports will need efficient transportation and adequate infrastructure to meet the growing demands. In addition to building infrastructure and improving the overall transportation network, our region must build relationships with current and future trading partners. The first year’s conference focused on our neighbor and economic partner, Mexico. The 2010 conference will highlight Brazil, a country destined for the top tier among global economies and a natural trading partner with Harris County.

If you have a specific interest in trade with Brazil, the future of our region, or a general interest in international transportation and logistics, this conference is for you.

We welcome your full participation.

Please contact Caroline Binick for more information

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