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Houston City Council Member and Candidate for Mayor Peter Brown today unveiled his third television ad, “Community,” outlining his “Get Tough, Get Smart” public safety blueprint. It calls for protecting Houston’s neighborhoods, including policies for neighborhood policing, hi-tech crime fighting, proactive crime prevention, and accountability.

“Peter Brown has fought for public safety improvements on City Council and our message reflects his experience in dealing with these issues,” said Brown campaign manager Lucinda Guinn. “As Mayor, Peter Brown will make our city safer with his strategy for neighborhood-based, results-oriented policing.”

The advertisement is being unveiled alongside the release of Brown’s expanded “Get Tough, Get Smart” public safety blueprint. An initial outline of the plan was released in June. Brown has already been praised for having the most substantive, forward-thinking policy proposals of any candidate and this new commercial highlights those his vision for safer Houston.

“When I’m Mayor, we’ll focus on tough neighborhood-oriented policing with anti-gang and crime-reduction units where we need them, and officers out in neighborhoods and ready to respond,” said Brown. “We’re also going to do more to prevent crimes, and we’re going to use our resources more effectively and efficiently.”

Brown’s current television ads, “Next Step” and “Blueprint” have received strong praise for their clear, positive message and compelling presentation. “Community” will begin airing citywide today on both cable and broadcast television.

A transcript of the ad is below:

Peter Brown:

“It’s not enough to be tough on crime, we’ve gotta be smart about it.”


“Peter Brown. A new get tough, get smart neighborhood policing plan to not only fight crime, but prevent it.”

Peter Brown:

“We’ve got to have more police officers in the neighborhood and on the streets, paroling and walking on the beat.”


“And a real time crime center using state of the art technologies with faster response times and emergency preparedness. Peter Brown for Mayor, an even better Houston.”

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