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Annise Parker Releases Second TV Ad: “The Only One”

The Annise Parker Campaign released its second TV ad today, on the theme of leadership. The ad will run in conjunction with Parker’s first ad that launched Thursday, “Parker Delivers.”

The ad is called “The Only One” and features Parker’s vision of Houston as the world headquarters for the new energy economy and points to her detailed plans to create jobs, grow our economy and attract high-tech, clean-tech companies to Houston. It also highlights Parker’s innovative Hire Houston First policy to ensure that jobs created by city projects go to local workers first.

Parker’s detailed plans can be found on her website at

The ad makes clear, however, that plans alone are not enough: “Leadership means more than plans,” says Parker at the start. “You have to deliver, too.”

Parker is the only candidate for mayor who has launched tough, independent audits that rooted out fraud and waste, freeing up millions for priorities like police, after-school programs and economic development.

Parker is also the only candidate who can leverage 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas business to create innovative public-private partnerships in alternative energies like bio-fuels, wind and solar – creating high-wage, green-tech / clean-tech jobs that will power our local economy, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and clean up our environment.

Parker released her energy plan, Energizing Houston’s Economy, in conjunction with the TV ad, saying:

“As Mayor, I will lead the city’s effort to bring millions of dollars for energy research and collaboration to Houston that will build on existing business capacity and attract and expand high-tech, new energy companies. These endeavors will help reawaken Houston’s second-to-none job creation machine.”

Energizing Houston’s Economy can be read here:


Parker: “Leadership means more than plans; you have to deliver, too.

“I’m the only candidate for mayor who fought to audit city departments. We cut waste and fraud – and freed up millions for priorities like public safety. My Hire Houston First plan will give Houston workers priority on city projects. And I’m the only one who spent 20 years in the oil and gas business, with a detailed plan to create new jobs and make Houston the world headquarters of the new energy economy.”

Announcer: “Annise Parker for Mayor.”

Parker: “Because you have to deliver.”

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