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Annise Parker Wins Law Enforcement Endorsements

Annise Parker has received the endorsement of two law enforcement organizations: the Houston Police Patrolmen’s Union and the Houston Metro Police. Both groups are members of the Fraternal Order of Police, the nation’s oldest and largest police organization.

“Annise Parker brings a lot of experience with police to the table,” said Dean Goodrick, President of HPPU. “She understands that Houstonians need to feel safe and she has innovative ideas to put more officers on the street and get the public involved in public safety.”

“What impressed me about Annise Parker was her plan for cooperation among all the law enforcement agencies,” President Robert Lozano of Houston Metro said. “If the different agencies work together, we can make Houston a safer community. Annise has obviously done her homework. She’s already involved and she understands the inner workings of law enforcement. This is no time to bring in someone who has to be educated about our issues.”

“I am proud to accept these endorsements today,” Parker said. “Public safety is the number one concern of Houstonians. Everyone needs to feel safe in their homes, communities, schools and workplaces.

“If you are in trouble, you don’t care what uniform an officer is wearing; you just want someone with a badge and a gun to protect you. That is why I will bring together the dozens of law enforcement agencies around the area so they can work cooperatively to make you safer.”

To learn more about Annise Parker’s public safety plans, please visit her website at and read “Safe Streets, Tough Choices.”

Annise Parker wins law enforcement endorsements from the Houston Police
Annise Parker wins law enforcement endorsements from the Houston Police Patrolmen’s Union (HPPU) and Houston Metro Police.(Left to right) Robert Lozano, President, Houston Metro; Don Fike, Conductor, HPPU; Annise Parker; Dean Goodrick, President, HPPU; and John Ellis, Second Vice President, HPPU.

As Houston City Controller, Annise Parker directs Houston’s financial investments and manages billions of tax dollars. Her independent audits of city departments and programs have rooted out waste and saved the city money that can be used for priorities such as public safety, after-school programs and economic development. A businesswoman and neighborhood leader, Parker served on City Council for six years. She spent 20 years in the oil and gas industry before entering public service.

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