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Houston City Council Member and Candidate for Mayor Peter Brown today released his reform and accountability blueprint for Houston, a comprehensive strategy with real solutions to make city government work better. Brown’s reform blueprint builds on his work on City Council, using his experience as a successful businessman to cut wasteful spending and find more efficient solutions.

“Our city government must be as innovative and resourceful as the residents of Houston,” said Brown. “We need a more efficient, accountable, and responsive government in order to make our city safer, grow our economy, and improve our quality of life.”

Brown’s plan, “Keeping Houston Efficient: A Government Accountability Blueprint for An Even Better Houston” has three main elements:

Make Government More Efficient By Streamlining Processes And Cutting Costs. Peter Brown’s blueprint calls for crafting a comprehensive business plan for city government’s bottom line. He’ll reduce costs and cut spending by making City departments operate more efficiently, finding real solutions to deal with the budgetary pressures caused by personnel costs and reducing costly or unnecessary redundancies within city government and across the region.

Make Government More Accountable With Expanded Access to Information. As Mayor, Peter Brown will ensure that Houston residents have the resources to hold government accountable and keep it on the right track. He’ll start by demanding transparency from all City departments, and use recent technologies such GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping overlays, online database resources, and subscribable RSS news feeds to make information easily available.

Make Government More Responsive With Enhanced Communications Tools and Better Access to City Services. As Mayor, Peter Brown will organize a new Department of Neighborhoods, administering mini-city halls throughout Houston that provide localized, decentralized access to basic city functions such as permitting that would otherwise require a trip downtown. He’ll improve communication between residents and city government via social networking tools and other recently developed resources. And he’ll enable residents to alert the City of poorly maintained infrastructure or other problems with streamlined notification processes available on cell phones.

Brown has applied the skills he learned running a successful architecture and urban planning firm for more than thirty years while serving on the Houston City Council. As a Council Member, Brown has been a leader in streamlining procedures for building permits, and he has worked cut government waste and protect taxpayer dollars. An innovative recycling program started by Brown is already saving taxpayers more than $1 million each year.

“Our next mayor needs to take care of the bottom line while delivering an effective product to the residents of Houston,” said Brown. “As a businessman and current City Council member, I know how to get the job done and how to make city government work. We’ll do a better job of responding to problems, offering real solutions, and delivering results.”

In recent weeks, Brown has released detailed blueprints to create new jobs, reduce traffic congestion and provide real transportation choices, prevent flooding, improve our energy infrastructure, and take a tougher, smarter approach to fighting crime. Brown’s policy proposals have been acknowledged as the most substantive and thoughtful of any of the major candidates. All of these policies are available on his website, at

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