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Destination Dignity Fair – Taking the Dis out of Disability

Contact: K Pica Kahn

Sept. 2, 2009(Houston): Hoping to take the Dis out of Disability, Destination Dignity Month has been dedicated to removing the stigma of IDD, (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.)
In honor of Destination Dignity, the IDD Needs Council of Harris County is sponsoring a fair for those with and without IDD Saturday Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The MHMRA Conference Center will be turned into a wonderland complete with an array of crafts projects and performing arts entertainment. Those with IDD both young and old will participate in reading circles with the theme Reading Around the World along with other fair projects that day.

That day the world inside the Conference Center will focus on what those with IDD can accomplish rather than what they cannot. The Harris County Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Needs Council (IDD/NC) and the Intellectual and Developmental Planning Advisory Council (IDD/PAC) have come together in an effort to combat stigma. Those with IDDs are stigmatized daily in many ways. From employment opportunities and housing options, to the education system, and in social settings, the stigma is always there.
Awareness and education is the best way to fight stigma. Destination Dignity is but one way to help educate others on the damage from any kind of stigmatization.The hope is that once people understand IDD, they will understand the great accomplishments those with IDD can make to the community.

“Destination Dignity is a way to say, notice my abilitites and not my disabilities,” said Judy Kantorczyk, of the IDD Needs Council. “This gives us an opportunity to showcase what those with IDD can do.”
Help spread the word with destination dignity business-sized, information cards and wall posters, and stigma-busting T-shirts($5.00 sizes S – XL; $6.95 size XXL) which are available for purchase at MHMRA of Harris County Conference Center, 7033 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074. Please call (713) 957-1600 to make arrangements for pick-up.

Commit to implementing other stigma-busting and information sharing activities in your organizations and communities, such as organized walks, presentations or campaigns. Help those with IDD to shine as brightly as any star in the sky.

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