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“What will he do next?” is the question that comes to mind when you hear the name Wash Allen. With over 4 decades of broadcasting in his repertoire, he consistently successfully exceeds the anticipations of critics and fans. That is why it was no surprise to hear that his nationally syndicated television show, “The Wash Allen Show” will now be airing on ABC’s Live Well HD Network in Los Angeles and Chicago in addition to its current market in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. “The Wash Allen Show” is independently owned, produced and syndicated by Wash Allen and Judy Foston.

Wash’s top ranking television show has kept its stamina over the years because of his vision for an angle not utilized by other television producers in the national market. Weekly, “The Wash Allen Show” is a reality show format that captivates audiences with its feature of various public service organizations’ Galas and other Special Events. With his effortless charm and captivating grin, Wash has an uncanny gift of making those attending at ease and allowing them to introduce themselves and to provide in depth information in a brief on-air interview about the organization and the event they are attending. “The Wash Allen Show” has showcased many Galas and events for public service organizations such as The Living Bank, NAACP Freedom Fund Gala, NBA All Stars Legends Gala, Houston Symphony, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Prairie View A & M University, “My Brother” Movie Premiere, Sisters Network, Inc., Boys and Girls Club, Open Door Mission, Escape Resource Center, Social Book, Urban League, Texas Southern University and many others.

Wash Allen

Some would say “The Wash Allen Show” is entertaining, while event organizers and public service organizations would call “The Wash Allen Show” a public service organization in itself. No other show in the national market has a purpose to target public service organization events and provide them with the unusual opportunity to showcase on-air their events and its purpose in a half hour TV show. “The Wash Allen Show” has provided these public service organizations exposure that has given them the much needed publicity to increase community participation.

Wash credits much of the success of “The Wash Allen Show” to his executive producer, Judy Foston of Foston International. Foston has worked with Wash for 20 years and sees “The Wash Allen Show” as an example of Wash being Wash. “He’s the ultimate people person,” she says, describing “The Wash Allen Show” as “the Oprah Winfrey of gala talk.”

Wash Allen TV Show promotional flyer

“The Wash Allen Show”, expanding to Los Angeles and Chicago on October 3rd on ABC’s Live Well HD Network, exhibits Allen and Foston’s confidence in the show’s success in top markets in the country. “The show has been well received and this expansion is what Judy and I have been discussing for a long time and it is great to see this finally happen,” says Wash Allen. With the show’s incredible reception in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, Foston expressed “the show expanding to new markets is a dream we have had in the beginning, and with Wash and I continuing to work well as a team, I have no doubt that this show will reach new heights.” The decision to expand demonstrates that Allen and Foston are a force to be reckoned with and their creativity will continue to attract a diverse following to “The Wash Allen Show”. The expansion will provide national advertisers with opportunities to expand with “The Wash Allen Show” as it rolls out nationally into other markets. All of the advertisement time on the show is owned by “The Wash Allen Show”.

“I always want to pinch myself, because I am just blessed to have been in this business as long as I have,” says Wash. Wash added “This show has been a dream come true for me and I do every show with the excitement and dedication as when the first show was taped.” When asked where he sees himself and the show in 10 years, Wash commented “In 10 years I hope that this show will continue to provide the quality television that we pioneered and the public service organizations have become accustomed to and I also hope that this show makes a positive impact in the community.”

If you would like more information on the show, or to advertise, please contact Foston International at 832-595-2544 or email

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