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Second Television Ad Features Innovative Plans and Architectural Sketches by Peter Brown

Houston City Council Member and Candidate for Mayor Peter Brown today unveiled his second television ad, “Blueprint,” touting a detailed plan for Houston’s next step, including policies for economic growth and job creation, crime-prevention, common sense growth, and bottom line budgeting. Brown, who remains the only candidate for Mayor running ads on television, continues to build momentum, opening his third campaign office this past weekend in West Houston.

“Houstonians expect their next mayor to lay out a concrete vision for the future. Peter Brown is the only candidate with a detailed, results-oriented plan which does just that,” said Brown campaign manager Lucinda Guinn. “Peter Brown is a leader who will make our city safer, strengthen our economy, and improve our quality of life.”

The advertisement is based on a drawing of the Houston skyline by Brown, who ran a national architecture and urban planning firm for more than thirty years before being elected to his City Council position. In the ad, Brown’s hand-drawing serves as the innovative launching point for an agenda to address the tough issues facing our city and the need for real leadership that will get results for Houston.

Houston skyline as drawn by Peter Brown

“As an architect, I know what it takes to turn a blueprint into a building, taking a plan and putting it into action. I know how to get the job done,” said Brown. “My background as a businessman — managing a national firm, meeting payroll, growing a business, and creating jobs — is exactly the type of experience our next mayor will need to make Houston even better.”

Brown’s current television ad, “Next Step,” received strong praise for its clear message and compelling presentation. “Blueprint” will begin airing on television alongside it in the next few days, citywide – on both cable and broadcast television.

A transcript of the ad is below:

“Peter Brown. A blueprint for Houston’s next step.

Neighborhood policing: Put more officers back on the beat where they’re needed, to fight crime in every neighborhood.

Smart development: a common sense plan for Houston’s businesses, neighborhoods, and parks … to combat flooding and cut congestion … improving our quality of life.

Bottom line budgeting: cut government waste and fight against overpriced city contracts … to save taxpayer dollars.

Peter Brown for Mayor. An even better Houston.”

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