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At-Large City Council Member and candidate for Mayor Peter Brown today unveiled his Transportation Blueprint to reduce traffic congestion in Houston. His plan calls for saving residents time and money by getting the fundamentals right and making sure our roads work well, providing residents with transportation choices and shaping a sound, long-term strategy for Houston’s future.

Brown, who ran a successful national architecture and urban planning business for more than thirty years, served as co-founder of the Main Street Coalition and helped make Houston’s first light-rail line a reality. His plan “Keep Us Moving: A Transportation Blueprint For An Even Better Houston,” calls for real transportation solutions to deal with the problem and prevent gridlock.

“To deal with traffic, we’ve got to get the basics right: cut congestion, give residents real transportation choices, and focus on getting people where they want to go,” said Brown. “As Mayor, I’ll use my experience and practical solutions to get results and keep us moving.”

Councilman Brown’s plan has six main elements:

Get Roadwork Done Right: Faster, Better, And Without Congestion. By investing in keeping our roads working, we can avoid accidents and other traffic problems. That means safer roads with less time wasted in traffic. Peter Brown will improve our construction processes, keep roads working in bad weather or emergencies, and apply new, innovative technologies that empower residents to alert the City of poorly maintained infrastructure and gives them the tools to keep track of roadwork efforts.

Build On Our Progress With Traffic Solutions. Under the leadership of Mayor Bill White, our city has made great strides in applying smart, effective traffic management policies to get our roads moving. We need to build on that progress. Peter Brown will take the next step, connecting our traffic lights remotely to make roads move faster, and using our street grid more effectively to prevent congestion.

Give Houston Real Transportation Choices. Peter Brown’s Transportation Blueprint is about expanding options for people to get where they want to go, making for a healthier, greener Houston. He’ll make neighborhoods more walkable and pedestrian-friendly, enhance support for bicyclists, and work towards a functional, multi-modal transit system that incorporates buses and light rail. He’ll shape an integrated system with a long-term vision, and keep METRO accountable.

Encourage More Flexible Movement of Workers and Commuters. Peter Brown wants to ease congestion by encouraging changes in commuting patterns. He’ll provide incentives for employers who offer flexible schedules and telecommuting, and under his direction, the City of Houston will lead by example, with flexible scheduling to reduce employees’ peak-period commutes.

Make Houston A City Built To Save Time. Peter Brown will give residents the choice to live closer to where they work, support the growth of mixed-use developments, and encourage new area residents to move into Houston. That will help reduce the number and length of trips that people have to take and improve our quality of life, while growing strong, vibrant neighborhoods. Peter Brown’s blueprint calls for a city that wastes less time stuck in traffic, and has more time to spend where it matters.

Shape A Vision for the Future to Keep Us Moving. We need to lay the foundation and secure the funding for a great transportation system now in order to make it happen. Peter Brown will ensure that Houston gets its fair share of funds, has a strong voice in the region, and shapes a comprehensive strategy for the future.

“My Transportation Blueprint will protect our city’s future, building on the best ideas to make them work for Houston.” said Brown. “I’ve made cities work better my entire professional career, and I know what we need to do to face this challenge. When I’m mayor, we’ll get this right.”

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