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Let me drive your little pink Sub – machine

An interview with driver/owner Angela Albrecht a.k.a. “Sandy Vag” from Team Import AllStars and her 2005 Subaru Legacy GT.
April 18, 2009 at Anime Matsuri 2009 Import Reactor

Q: OK, A car this hot has to have a name. What do you call her?
A: “I call her “Pinkie” or “Christine”. cause she’s like “a little evil”. Angela throws back her head and laughingly says,
“You get in there, and you have to go fast sometimes, so I call her “Christine” on days when she’s bad, and “Pinkie” when she’s good.”
Angela Albrecht and her 2005 Subaru Legacy GT

>>>Q: Why the Legacy in Pink & Green?
A: “My father painted the car for me in January 2008, and it’s a custom color.
The color of her is a House of Kolor Orchid base, with a House of Kolor Kandy Pink clear.
So, it’s purple underneath, and the candy coat on top. My wheels are powder-coated, jolly-pop green.
I just wanted to do something out of the ordinary. Everybody’s doing the Subaru Impressa, VRX STis…
so I went with the Legacy, cause nobody’s doing anything with those.”

“And, it’s been a nightmare to find parts for her, so most of my work is custom made. My husband does carbon fiber work, so all the carbon fiber work is what he’s done. The piping for the front mount was custom. I’ve changed the interior, the exterior. Next up is the motor and the turbo. I’m probably going to get a fully built race motor, and, of course, a bigger turbo. Not quite sure which one I’m going to do yet, though.”

“She’s a MONSTER as it is. I’m almost at 300 horsepower, 325 ft. pounds of torque and that is, of course, to the wheel, it’s not from the motor, so it’s actually to the wheel.”

Smiles and says, “She SCREAMS, She’s AMAZING.”

Angela Albrecht's auto cross helmet and trophy

Q: What’s the fastest you’ve taken her?
A: “Fastest I’ve ever been was 135mph, and that was on stock,” she laughs and further explains, ” That was her stock straight from the factory. We [Team ALLSTARS] call her the “factory freak,” because she shouldn’t be putting out the power that she is on the stock turbo that she has. So, every now and then, you get what’s like, the pick of the litter. You get that “factory freak”.
So that’s why I consider her a factory freak. But, She’s my baby.”

Q: What advice would you give to girls who are thinking about getting into this?
A:“F*ing do it!”
“F*ng do it, I mean don’t be afraid you know? I mean, I love it!
That’s why I painted her pink. She’s a girl car, and I race her. I do auto crossing with her. We’re building another Subaru Legacy 96′, and it’s going to be a full on drag car. So, I love my Subarus.
So, Girls, just “F”ing do it! Screw what all the guys say and just “F”ing do it.”

Q:This is kind of an expensive sport. How much money have you put into her?
A: “I’ve spent about 15-20 grand, but a lot of that’s custom. I totally changed her.
I’ve done a lot. She was black with a tan-and-woodgrain interior, when I got her from a subaru auction, so I didn’t have a choice on the colors… She’s come a long way.”

Q: You’ve got what looks like an autograph on your dash. Who’s it from?
A: “Travis Pastrata. He races for the Subaru World Team Rally. He did that back in 2008 at the Gillmans Subaru, The Big Event.”
Travis Pastrata autographed the dash on Angela Albrecht's 2005 Subaru Legacy GT

Q: Tell me about this crazy helmet and all these trophies?
A: “Well, she’s a daily driver, she’s a show car, and she races.” [the helmet’s from Auto Cross days along with her trophy]

The other trophies are:
The three from last year’s Import Reactor; Best Female Ride, Matsuimi Max’s Favorite Pick and Subaru First Place. Also, First place 2007 NOPI Chic street
Hot Import Nights 2nd place, Hottest Wild Subaru, Mean Street 1st place female

To see Import Reactor 2009 list of winners and if Angela and “Pinkie: trophied please click here.

Q: Tell me about the break down of Import Reactor, classification, and the awards you can get.
A: “Typically, they have a “best of” group, like Scion, Subaru, Honda, stuff like that. Then, they break down into categories like “The Best Honda S2000”
if they have enough for class. They usually have “Best Female Ride,” “Best Engine Bay,” “Best of Show,” and “Best Team,” which is typically whoever has the most amount of vehicles for the team and most amount of support vehicles for the team. Then, there’s “Best Team Display,” and “Best Individual Display.”
Angela Albrect's trophies
“I’m hoping to go for “Best Female Ride” two years in a row.”

Q: OK, last and most important question. What’s your favorite movie?
A: “OMG! I have to sound cheesy, but probably Gone In 60 Seconds.
I LOVE that freakin’ movie; It’s just amazing!”

To see more images of Angela and “Pinkie” please click here.
Images from Import Reactor and the Awards Ceremony.

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