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Hart Energy Honors European Energy and Transportation Industry’s Environmental Achievements

BRUSSELS – Hart Energy, one of the world’s largest energy publishing and consulting groups, announced yesterday the recipient of its European Energy and Environment Award. The award recognizes companies with achievements in transportation and innovation as they pertain to the use of energy.

“We are honored to have hosted such an esteemed group of energy and transport industry leaders and are confident that all of our nominees are taking important steps toward guiding the future of the transport sector in a significant way,” said Fred Potter, executive vice president, Hart Energy. “Our award winner this year has proven that they are thinking about the future of not only the transportation industry, but the environmental sustainability of their operations and the effect their technology and management practices will have on energy use and the future of the globe.”

Recognized as the industry’s most advanced and forward-thinking leader this year was automotive manufacturer Renault for their efforts in more environmentally sustainable transportation modes and innovation, particularly their aim to become the world’s leading manufacturer of mass market zero emission vehicles. Renault, in partnership with Nissan, were among the first manufacturers to commit to achieving significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions by pledging to release mass market electric vehicles by 2011. Upon accepting the award on behalf of Renault, Rodica Faucon, fuels affairs manager, expressed her conviction that “electrical vehicles are a unique breakthrough towards environmental performance in the transportation sector, but only one of many possible solutions.”

In selecting the honoree, the editorial staff of FUEL magazine and Hart Energy Publishing, LP considers corporate achievement in four primary categories:

    Overall Global Vision
    Environmental Innovation & Protection – Locally and Globally
    Balanced Corporate Investment in Economic, Human and Sustainable Growth
    Innovative Management of Natural Resources

This year’s award was presented during Hart’s World Refining & Fuels Conference in Brussels, Belgium on May 18-19, 2009. This event gathered government officials and energy and transportation industry’s foremost leaders to discuss the next steps to be taken to implement Europe’s transportation and energy policy.

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Press Contact: Florence Kosmala
Director of Marketing
HART Energy Consulting

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