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Clergymen From All Denominations Rally To Rebuild And Bring HOPE Back To Galveston Churches.

Galveston and Harris County Clergymen and Statesmen, Galveston County HOPE, Gospel Truth News Galveston County, LLC, Project Genesis, LLC and FUUSA (Families Under Urban and Social Attack) will come together to hold a press conference at 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 30, 2009 at Sagemont Church in front of “The Cross,” 11300 S. Sam Houston Pkwy E., Houston, TX 77089,
to announce the Galveston County HOPE Benefit (GCHB), -an inspiring and unique community effort planned, produced, and promoted in partnership with its focus to reclaim, rebuild and restore Galveston Island churches, businesses and families that are discouraged during this difficult time, and that are identified not having the necessary funding to repair damages as a result of the destruction and loss caused by Hurricane Ike to their worship facility.
Galveston After Ike slideshow
Click Here to View photos from press conference at Sagemont Church.
Click here to View photos from The Galveston County HOPE Benefit

The Galveston County HOPE Benefit, which will be blessed with empowering dialogue by featured speaker Bishop T.D. Jakes and end with a concert by Fred Hammond and choir, will be inclusive of a full day of: seminars focused on Health, Relief funding, Self Empowerment, and Financial Literacy; Christian and Gospel area church choir performances; and praise dancers. This great event takes place on Friday, May 8, 2009 between 12PM and 9PM.

In Galveston, Hurricane Ike raged through the island, home to 70 to 80 churches.

“Churches are usually the staple of the community that come to the aid of hurricane victims, not the opposite. I think we’re the forgotten group,” says Pastor James Brown, Sr. of Greater Barbour’s Chapel Baptist Church. “I think churches have been overlooked.”

There is a great need for all to unite and help churches that were impacted by Hurricane IKE. Many churches of all denomination that have incurred severe damaged during Hurricane Ike will probably never be able to worship in their facility ever again.

“These Galveston Island churches are an inspiring example of what it means to be salt of the earth by reaching out to others in times of trouble,” says Bishop TD Jakes.

Even though some of the churches were insured, the insurance will not cover their loss due to insurance companies saying that damages were caused by the surge from the hurricane not by any flooding. Churches, other businesses, and people had no knowledge of any coverage for surge protection, thus leaving many without necessary funding to rebuild. If these churches do not rebuild, their property could be taken over by the city or county and then auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Attending the press conference and HOPE Benefit supporters are:

• Reverend Dr. John Morgan, Sagemont Church
• Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, Archdiocese of Galveston – Houston
• State Representative Reverend Al Edwards
• Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
• District 2 Galveston City Council Member Dr. Linda Colbert
• District B Houston City Council Member Jarvis Johnson
• District 13 Senator Rodney Ellis
• Reverend Ralph D. West, The Church Without Walls
• Reverend Rudy Rasmus, St. Johns Downtown United Methodist Church
• Reverend Dr. Joe Samuel Ratliff, Brentwood Baptist Church
• Bishop James W. E. Dixon II, Community of Faith Church
• Pastor James Brown, Sr., Greater Barbour’s Chapel Baptist Church
• Pastor Remus Wright, Fountain of Praise
• Pastor Terrance H. Johnson, Higher Dimension Church
• Reverend David L. Punch, Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church
• Dr. Vernon Baines, Pastor, Live Oak Baptist Church – Galveston, TX
• Pastor E.R. Johnson, Ave L Baptist Church – Galveston, TX
• Pastor Eric Billips, Shiloh AME Church – Galveston, TX
• Pastor Charles Wheat, St. Luke Baptist Church – Galveston, TX
• Pastor Tim Allen, Greater Mt. Calvary Baptist Church – Galveston, TX
• Pastor A. W. Colbert, Macedonia Baptist Church – Galveston, TX
• Pastor William L. Randall, Greater Saint Matthews Baptist Church – Hitchcock, TX
• Pastor Remus Wright, Fountain of Praise
• Reverend Charles Wheat, St. Lukes Baptist Church
• Reverend Greg Patrick, Southwest Community Baptist Church
• Reverend Harvey Walker, The Crossing Community Church
• Reverend Byron Stevenson, Fort Bend Baptist Church
• Reverend Dr. B. W. McClendon, St. James Missionary Baptist Church (Austin, TX)
• Reverend Robert E. Childress, Covenant Glen United Methodist
• Pastor Kerry Tillman, West Point Baptist Church – Galveston, TX
• Pastor David Everson First Union Baptist Church – Galveston, TX
• Reverend Dr. D. Z. Cofield, Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church
• Reverend Michael V. Smith, South Union Missionary Baptist Church
• Bishop Brenda Perry, New Life Temple Church
• Reverend David Fleming, Champion Forest Baptist Church
• Reverend Curry Juneau, Quail Valley Church
• Reverend Thomas McGruder, Mount Moriah Baptist Church

The public is encouraged to participate through attending Galveston County HOPE Benefit at Moody Gardens in Galveston. You can find out more about the benefit at

All sponsor, vendor and donations are payable to:

Families Under Urban Social Attack (FUUSA) c/o HOPE
3353 Elgin St.
Houston, TX 77004.

All Contributions are tax deductible!

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