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Some of you mistrust religion and I am in agreement. Organized religion has killed more people throughout history than all of the natural disasters and epidemics put together. But to those of you of FAITH who through the counsel of the Lord have chosen a religion, we are Brothers. I have read much about American history and through objective reasoning I have discovered a single thread of commonality, a singularity if you will. This phenomenon goes beyond religion right through the inner most reaches of your soul into your very being. What do you believe in? Where does your faith lie? This singularity brought unity to the Revolution and without it there would be no United States. With one voice and one mind those brave souls had the courage to believe in the God of the Bible. It was an unshakable belief that what was right was what we ought to do! To speak righteously with one voice; a voice of reason carrying the sacred promise of Liberty. Dark clouds have now gathered in an effort to hide the actions of unreasonable people. It is time for all citizens to bring the righteous light of reason back to the Capital of our great nation. We must rid ourselves of those untenable political institutions, both Republican and Democrat, as they have, contrary to the Constitution and their sacred oath, absconded with our government. It is OUR government, it is OUR money, it is OUR Liberty and WE want it back! It begs to be asked again: What do you believe?, Where does your faith lie? Regardless of your religious faith, we can all agree on one thing that the freedom to make that choice is fundamental and that the Liberty to speak of that choice is sacred. Will you stand by and allow, through an act of your own will, those Liberties to be taken away? Awaken, Oh sleeping giant!, for the thieves are in the HOUSE!

Don Dewberry

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