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Tax Day Tea Party! The Glenn Beck We Surround Them 9/12 Project!

The Big Tax Day Tea Party is upon us. Lets join with other cities around the country to let world know THAT WE WILL NOT STAND BY AS THEY TAX AND SPEND US INTO OBLIVION.
goverment_up_freedom_down, cowboy holds sign tea party at Jones Plaza Houston,TX protesting April 15, 2009
What: Tax Day Tea Party

When: April 15, 2009 4:00 PM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Signs are welcome and Encouraged! “see guidelines below” This event is being organized by the Houston Tea Party Society

Signs can NOT be attached to sticks or holders of any kind. All signs must be hand-held.

Carpool! What better way to enjoy the Tea Party experience than with others! Take a full car downtown! If everyone does this, parking will be a breeze!

Turn the Metro Rail into the Tea Party Express! The Metro Rail stops a few blocks away at the Preston station, so people who want to ride the rail may find it easier to park near the Binz station or at the south end of the rail line.

Sign in! In order to prevent the media from undercounting the event the way they did on February 27th, make sure you sign in at a sign-in table. We found the media undercounted us by about 70%. This was because they arrived late to our event and caught people leaving.

Seating for the elderly and for people who have difficulty standing long periods will be available in the front of the stage. Make sure to see a Tea Party volunteer about access to seats if you require them.

This event will be crowded! Please be patient and recognize the limits of the venue. We originally booked Jones Plaza because the number of people expected to attend would not be safe on the sidewalks across from the post office. The response has exceeded all our expectations, and we may not have room in the Plaza for all who intend to join us!

Should the police decide we’ve reached capacity in the Plaza, they may close off entrances for a time, allowing more people in only as others leave. Since people will be coming and going, the wait should not be long if you find the Plaza closed off. Stick around!

There are numerous restaurants just off the Plaza, especially on Louisiana, and we’ve been informed that the Café Bistro inside Jones Plaza will be open for business as well, selling snack-bar items. We also have a vendor selling water and soda, and proceeds from THAT vendor benefit the Houston Tea Party Society.

Many groups will be passing out literature at the event. Please make sure you review any petitions you are asked to sign. We have been warned that ACORN will be attempting to either deceive attendees or disrupt the rallies. If you notice anyone acting aggressive or belligerent, report them to one of the officers in the Plaza as soon as you can.

We WILL march on the post office at the end of the rally. We will also have another destination to march to, but we will tell you about that at the event.

Checklist to bring:

Signs with bailout facts, stimulus facts, wish lists, or other sayings

Monopoly money – just a bill or two. You’ll see why.

Flags – let’s have a sea of American flags in the Plaza!

Sunscreen – the sun ought to be out a long while during the rally, so be safe

Tea bags – bring just one, and write your name on it. One of the local congressmen pledges to take all tea bags back to Washington D.C. and deliver them personally!

goverment_up_freedom_down, cowboy holds sign tea party at Jones Plaza Houston,TX protesting April 15, 2009

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