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National Tour to Raise Funds for a State of the Art College Facility For African-American Males Kicks-off In Chicago

Media Contact:
Dr. Stanford Simmons
Cell: 281.750.6277


CHICAGO- the National Fund Raising Campaign for what promises to be a state of the art educational facility for African-American males will hold its kick-off reception April 30, 2009 at 5:30p.m at the Riverbend Condominiums, 333 N. Canal St. 4th, Floor, in Chicago, Illinois. The fundraiser for Bay Ridge Christian College begins a national tour of major cities including Houston, Atlanta, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Miami and Los Angeles.

Overlooking the Chicago River, the reception will be the first of several fundraising efforts to aid in the development and restructuring of Bay Ridge Christian College as a residential junior college. The goal is to launch the movement to build a world-class facility and innovative academic programming for African American males. The Guess Group and Llewelyn-Davies Sahni (TGG/LDS), Houston architectural firms, and Renee’ Logans of Access Data Supply /Support will share their design for the 88 acre campus during the reception. The “green” campus will allow for small smart classroom instruction, academic villages, residential housing, career programs and athletic facilities. The campus, located 40 miles from Houston, Texas, will provide an excellent environment where young men can learn academic and social skills that will prepare them to succeed at a four-year college and the professional world. The college plans to open its door to 300-500 students in the fall of 2011.
Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia is the only institution of higher education that focuses solely on preparing young Black men to succeed.

Dr. Stanford Simmons, Bay Ridge Christian College’s President, sites the most pertinent reason as to why he’s restructuring the college, “Considering the investment America has made in the penal system, we are poised to offset this trend by investing in these young men who face so many barriers while pursuing the American dream. Compared with the tremendous cost of incarcerating African-American males, the cost of a college education is miniscule”.

Bay Ridge Christian College is a 55-year-old educational institution founded in Union, Mississippi in 1953 during the civil rights era to provide educational opportunities for African Americans in skills trades, general education and religious studies. Due to racial violence, the school relocated to Kendleton, Texas and boasts of alumni serving in America and in Africa.

For More information please contact Dr. Simmons at (281)750- 6277 or visit

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