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Chevron and Pemex Honored as Refining & Energy Companies of the Year

Press Contact:                                    
Florence Kosmala

Director of Marketing

HART Energy Consulting


San Antonio, Texas (March 24, 2009) — The 22nd annual presentation of HART Energy Publishing’s Refining & Energy Company of the Year Awards will take place Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at the Hilton Palacio Del Rio in San Antonio. The annual awards are part of HART’s Conference “Market & Policy Outlook for Refining & Biofuels – Understanding Changing Market Dynamics”.  This year’s honorees are Chevron, the International Honoree, and Pemex, the North American Honoree.

“For 22 years, we at HART have had a long history of recognizing excellence in both Global Energy and North American Refining,” said Frederick L. Potter, executive vice president, HART Energy Publishing. “As the world demands more integration and excellence from the oilfield to global refining centers, these companies exemplify the traditions that are embodied in this prestigious award. They are dedicated to further investment in the refining and energy sectors, improving the quality of their products, and raising the financial, environmental, and health-and-safety performance of their refining and energy operations.”

In selecting the Refiner of the Year, the editorial staff of FUEL magazine and Hart Energy Publishing, LP considers personal and corporate achievement in three primary categories:

· Cleaner Environment. Producing cleaner, higher-quality gasoline and diesel fuel is among the greatest achievements recognized each year.

· Investment and Corporate Growth. The award recognizes the highest operational standards for international refining. Recipients also demonstrate innovative use of resources, often in a difficult environment.

· Vision. The recipients are recognized for their innovation, global vision and their ability to look into the future, as responding only to current conditions will not fully meet the rising demands of the public, or benefit industry.

Both Chevron and Pemex have exemplified the rich traditions of this prestigious award.

Chevron Exhibits International Excellence

            Among its notable international achievements in 2008, Chevron
completed a fully efficient operation of global refineries, and maximum production of high quality – low sulfur gasoline and diesel fuels to reduce emissions,
engaged in diversification of traditional hydrocarbon energy portfolio to include alternatives, including a partnership with Weyhauser on advanced cellulose and biofuels technologies,
reduced by 41% the number of unplanned plant shutdowns between 2006 and 2008,
and reduced by 58% the number of lost time injuries during the same period.
Accepting the award for Chevron and delivering keynote remarks will be Jeet Bindra, President Chevron Global Manufacturing.

Pemex recognized for Excellence in North America

As the sole producer of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products in México and a major supplier to the U.S., Pemex has demonstrated a strong commitment to operations excellence including

· selection of high quality refining technologies to reduce gasoline and diesel sulfur levels to reduce emissions,

· reconfiguration of its Minatitlán and Salina Cruz refineries to increase deep conversion capacity,

· entering many international collaboration agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Accepting the award on behalf of Pemex Refinacion and delivering keynote remarks will be Mr. Francisco Toscano Martinez, Deputy Director of Production, Pemex Refining.

This is the 22nd consecutive year that HART Energy Publishing has recognized Excellence in Global Energy and Refining Operations. Previous winners include:

2008    ConocoPhillips / Shell Oil

2007    Chevron Corporation / Marathon Petroleum Co.

2006    Petrobras / Suncor

2005    Reliance Industries (India) / Premcor (Now Valero)

2004    Petrobras  / Sun / Irving Oil

2003    Royal Dutch/Shell / ConocoPhillips

2002    HOVENSA / Valero

2001    TotalFinaElf

2000    Frontier Oil Corp.

1999    BP

1998    Tosco Corp.

1997    DiamondShamrock

1996    Valero Refining

1995    ARCO Corporation / General Motors Corp.

1994    Texaco, Inc.

1993    Ashland Oil, Inc.

1992    CDTECH

1991    General Motors Corp.

1990    ARCO Products Co.

1989    Sun Oil Co.

1988    ARCO Chemical Co.

1987    Amoco Oil Co

For more information on the conference and a full agenda, visit

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For more information on Chevron, contact Mike Farrar, Chevron Global Manufacturing, Manager, Strategy and Planning, 925-790-6209.

For more information on Pemex, contact Mr.Carlos Ramírez, Petróleos Mexicanos, Chief Communication Officer, 52 55 1944 9407-08,

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